Competitor Backlinks Analysis: Find and Check Competitor Backlinks

Wed Oct 05 2022

Competitor Backlinks Analysis: Find and Check Competitor Backlinks

Would you like a shortcut to identifying and acquiring backlinks for your own site? A fast way to find new link opportunities is to simply look at what sites link to your competitors.


A paid tool is not necessary for viewing competitor backlinks. You can use this tool to find competitor backlinks free.

The easiest method to use a list of competitor backlinks is to bring them to Vazoola. We can then outreach, negotiate, and arrange secure link placements on the same sites, making it easier than ever to buy backlinks.

Why not get competitor backlinks without spending time doing the work and assuring quality yourself?


Why View Competitor Backlinks?

Most likely, your competitor’s incoming links will primarily be relevant to your site. And you can see what each site linked to and build a strategy for acquiring similar links.

When you know how to see backlinks from competitor websites, it is a simple process to see how valuable each one is.

Viewing competitor backlinks is the fastest method for identifying more link building opportunities that are relevant to your site.

Easily Find Competitor Backlinks

Have you wondered how to find competitor backlinks? There are fast ways to find competitor backlinks free. The most simple method is to put competitor URLs into that link.

There is no easier method showing you how to see competitor backlinks from competitor websites. Simply enter the URLs you want to see and Vazoola will do the research for you.

Within 48 hours, you’ll receive backlink reports you can use to improve your rankings and boost your traffic.

Check Competitor Backlinks for Relevance and Quality

Did you use our tool to check competitor backlinks free? Simply put any competitor’s URL into the tool at that link.

Open up the links to look at the websites and content competitors have links from to select those you would like to also pursue.

How to Check Competitor Backlinks

Why check competitor backlinks using a competitor backlinks checker? Because it is easiest to use a competitor backlinks tool to pull list of competitor backlinks.

It is wise to check seo competitor backlinks regularly. Repeating it monthly or at least quarterly would be a good strategy.

That way, as competitors gain and lose links, you can use that information to increase your own.


Competitor Backlinks Analysis

The primary reason to analyze competitor backlinks is to identify opportunities to acquire similar links to your website.

Analyzing the competitors ranking for a keyword phrase that is important to you is the first step in picking up competitor backlinks.

Start by choosing a keyword phrase. Then search competitor backlinks to identify which of your competitors are ranking for that phrase. Here’s what to check:

1) Do a comparison of the top two ranking pages.

2) Determine the number of referring domains to each page. Referring domains reveals the total number of unique websites linking to a page or site.

By comparing pages that are ranking, it is easy to see which site is acquiring links faster and more steadily. And you can also see which site has more organic traffic.

The more organic traffic a site receives, the more opportunities to pick up additional links it has. (Many automatically link to the top ranking page rather than identifying the best content.)

When you are deciding how to get competitor backlinks, you’ll want to focus on the sites with the most traffic and fastest growing link profiles.

Use Competitor Backlinks Analysis to Find Hot Topics

Using the graphs available in competitor backlink analysis tools, look for spikes in link acquisition. Those will lead you to the content that was most popular.


Consider improving any existing content that can compete or writing new content targeting that phrase. Brian Dean’s Skypscraper Technique can be useful for this.


Drill down into the causes for increased links. While it might be due to a specific piece of content, you might also find other strategies your competitors are using such as doing 301 redirects from existing pages.


Get Started: Check Backlinks of Competitor to Improve Your Rankings Today

There is no time like the present to work on increasing your traffic, sales and profits. Did you use our tool to track competitor backlinks easily?

Simply put any competitor’s URL into the tool at that link. Let Vazoola do all the research for you. And then request that Vazoola secure the relevant, quality backlinks you need.

All of the outreach, negotiation, placement and quality assurance is done for you. That way, you can focus your time and efforts on your business.

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

Casey Bjorkdahl is one of the pioneering thought leaders in the SEO community. In 2010, Casey co-founded Vazoola after working for a Digital Marketing Agency for five years in New York City. Vazoola is now one of the fastest growing and most widely recognized SEO marketing firms in the country.

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