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Free SEO Audit
Find SEO errors and weak points


For help interpreting or taking action on any data, info, or recommendations from any of our free tools feel free to get in touch with our SEO team!

What Can a Free SEO Audit Do for You?

How well your website performs in the search engines directly impacts its success, traffic, and revenue potential. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy used to help ensure websites reach the first page of search engine results. That’s critical to getting traffic. How do you know how well your website is performing? More so, how do you know how to improve it? That’s where a free SEO audit can help.

Why Is a Free Analysis Important?

Using these SEO audit tools, it is possible to uncover mistakes or areas of concern. It can help to provide insight into what can be done to see improved results. When an analysis like this is completed, it provides a game plan – it tells you what you need to do to rank better.

If errors or problems remain long-term, that may limit the visibility of the website to others who are seeking the products and services you offer. Additionally, SEO audits can help ensure websites are continuously updated, so they stand out from the competition. Without this type of focus, it becomes impossible to keep your website ranking well without guessing or investing a significant amount to outrank the competition.

What Can a Free SEO Audit Tell You?

A free SEO auditing tool can provide a great deal of information. This is a free report, which means it provides insights and details, but it may not provide specific steps to take to fix it. For that, it’s best to work closely with a professional organization like our team.

An SEO site audit may produce a score for you. This is a report that will provide insight into what could be wrong. This may include critical errors, page speed problems, or warnings that could be limiting access to your page or hurting your SEO rank. It may also provide insights into how well your site is performing. If there are errors, this type of information can be very valuable to you.

SEO Auditing Uncovers Errors Impacting Your Page Ranking

As an SEO link building company, we offer a free SEO audit on our website. When undergoing an SEO site audit, you are bound to find errors that need fixing. Most websites have them until they have worked through an audit process like this. These SEO errors can be the result of improper linking or just mistakes made in formatting. They may also be errors that make it hard for the search engines to rank the page. Other times, those errors can limit your visitor’s ability to navigate your page.

A Technical SEO Audit Shows Potential Problems You Can’t Easily See

An SEO technical audit like this picks up on things you cannot see. This may include things like broken links or mistakes in the coding. In some situations, you may find your SEO score is very low. You may have thought you invested a lot in keywords and advertising. Yet, an SEO site audit could uncover problems with the technical side of the site. Look at problems as an opportunity to identify wants to improve your SEO

How Does an SEO Website Audit Directly Help Page Ranking?

One of the keys to remember is that Google’s bots need to be able to determine not just if the site is functional but also if it is a good place to send people who are looking for information and guidance. If the site is of poor quality, that can cause a number of problems to occur – and search engines do not want to send users to a site that is not able to meet their needs.

That will directly impact the outcome of any search. For that reason, if your site is not operating the way it should, it will lead to your page not being ranked properly. It may be buried in the search engine results for your chosen keywords or, in some situations, it may lead to de-ranking of your site fully.

With the help of an SEO technical audit, it’s possible to pinpoint areas of problems, fix them, and start ranking more appropriately for your needs. This can directly increase your organic traffic and improve search rankings right away. It may help you to stay competitive against other websites that are using the same keywords and strategies you are – that’s going to pull in more traffic to your site as a result.

Why Hire a Team to Help with SEO Audits and the Analysis of Results?

The good news is that you may be able to do some of the work yourself. If there are simple problems with your SEO website audit that you know how to fix, doing so makes sense. Go right away, make the changes, and start seeing improvements.

The problem is, that does not always happen. Many times, an SEO website audit will show concerns that need to be addressed right away. Other times, the problems are more complex and would be better managed and improved with the help of a professional like our team.

When you use a free SEO site audit, that’s the first step. It gives you information and a good starting point. It does not solve the problems you have, which is where our team can jump in and help you.

With a full technical SEO audit completed by professionals, it’s possible to find all types of errors that could be hurting you. That gives you the ability to make changes or allow our team to make those changes for you. The end result – your page works well, delivers good results to the search engines, and keeps the visitors to your site happy as well.

If you are waiting for your SEO results to improve and that’s not happening, let us use our tool and software resources to improve your outcome. The Vazoola team will perform a comprehensive site audit and provide an SEO audit report that will help guide your SEO strategy in the right direction. Reach out today.


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