Vazoola's Link Building Pricing

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Pricing that drives profit

We understand that every agency has its own special recipe for determining link value. Using our unique tiered approach, we can customize a pricing strategy to fit any budget, metric, and/or relevancy requirements. This creates an easy-to-understand cost structure so you can build in the necessary margin when selling to your clients while ensuring all the link requirements are met.

In most cases, we’re able to reduce the link building cost by 25-50% over what the agency is currently paying, while maintaining or improving the quality of the links. Below is an example of Link Tiers created for one of the members of our Bounty Express program:

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Standard Pricing

All links have 100+ monthly organic traffic

Pricing includes 1 high quality do follow placement,
content creation, and quality control for up to one year

  • Tier 1 -   Domain Authority 20+   ($50).
  • Tier 2 -   Domain Authority 30+   ($90).
  • Tier 3 -   Domain Authority 40+   ($130).
  • Tier 4 -   Domain Authority 50+   ($215).

You’re about to learn how easy it is to join thousands of the most savvy Agencies, Digital Marketers, and SEOs in building backlinks that improve rankings with Vazoola.

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Your link building lacks clear ROI and rankings results


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