How Do I Get High-Quality Backlinks? 

Wed Feb 06 2019

How Do I Get High-Quality Backlinks? 

Most search engine optimization tactics are always in flux as technology changes, from how you create anchor text in HMTL to how you use keywords.

However, some implementations have not varied in creation or importance, such as earning backlinks.

There are many benefits to this strategy; yet, the quality of your backlinks can have a significant impact on your pages rankings when search engines crawl them.

If you are searching for ways to obtain high-quality backlinks, there are several steps you can take that may boost your rankings and improve the user experience. 

Avoid Black Hat SEO Strategies  

While it might be tempting to employ specific unethical black hat SEO tactics to create backlinks for your website, these may cause your page to get flagged or penalized by Google, which uses specific algorithms to sniff out such questionable strategies.

Broken links, those that lead to low-ranking pages, or links that take the user to spam can permanently affect your site’s ability to achieve more superior rankings.

Instead, consider using tactics that will have a positive impact on ranking factors. 

Using ethical, white hat SEO practices can increase user confidence, especially in the case of your organic traffic.

When a user that has never visited your site before follows a link to your website via a search engine and discovers high-quality backlinks, they are much more likely to return to take advantage of them and may even link their page to yours, increasing user confidence. 

Build Links Via Social Media  

Many link-building methods may benefit you if you use your page to promote a small business, but one that has proven effective for many entrepreneurs is creating an active presence on social media.

For example, well-known vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli used Instagram to make a name for herself and to give followers glimpses into her personality and values.

If no one knows who you are or what you want to accomplish, then quality links may be difficult to earn. 

Using social media to promote yourself and your business can help you reach out to other entrepreneurs who may be looking to create high-quality links themselves.

Eventually, you might be able to create a circle of like-minded people who are willing to cross-link with you and recommend you to others as well.

The more quality links you can add to your page, the higher your domain authority score might rise. 

Guest Blog Posts  

Whether you hire content marketers or other professionals to write a guest blog post, it can be an effective way to add links to your site without using time-consuming practices, such as broken link building.

High-quality pieces of content that are informative, entertaining, and that include links to other authoritative sites can boost your page ranking and may increase the number of conversions you make each month.

It is essential to plan your guest posts carefully and decide what type of content is best suited for the kind of readers you want to attract.

Do not forget to post links to these blog posts on your social media pages, along with a brief description of the content, to hook potential visitors. 

Post Original and Factual Content  

Spinning another webmaster’s content and posting it as your own is not likely to help you earn links.

Experts in the online marketing field, such as Neil Patel, recommend that while taking cues from successful companies may serve as inspiration, creating original, factual content is more likely to draw visitors, especially when it contains links from trusted sources that support it. 

When you can link to sites that have a high domain authority and use DoFollow Links that allow search engines to reach your website and optimize it in the most effective way possible, this can raise your rankings significantly.

Take the time to post original blog content related to your business sector or site’s focus and to search for quality links that can mark you as a trusted source on the subject. 

Collecting high-quality backlinks for your website can be a challenge, especially when your site is new, or you have only just begun to build your online reputation.

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