How to Build High-Quality Backlinks with Off-Page SEO

Mon Aug 31 2020

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks with Off-Page SEO

Increasingly, digital marketing is becoming a complicated dance of algorithms, personalities, and perceptions.

You may even feel you have little control over your marketing campaigns. This, though, is only an illusion.

There are several steps you can take to build brand awareness and encourage sales by making your site easy to find in search results.

One of the essential activities happens away from your website. Links to your web pages from another site are called backlinks, and they can help you boost your search rankings.

You can use off-page SEO to perform many critical marketing tasks, including winning helpful links. 

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to actions taken away from a website to boost that site’s rankings in internet search engines.

Good off-page SEO tactics encourage today’s search engines with their complex algorithms to consider your site to be valuable and trustworthy.

This in turn can improve your rankings. Common types of off-page SEO practices include:

  • Encouraging public engagement with your brand on social media and getting shares
  • Promoting branded searches
  • Acquiring quality backlinks

A successful off-page SEO program helps build your online reputation both with the public and with Google’s search bots and its quality raters, who are internet users that evaluate websites based on a manual called the Quality Rater Guidelines

Using Off-Page SEO To Build Backlinks

In a 2020 study, there is a direct connection between high search engine rankings on Google and backlinks.

Google goes on the record to say that backlinks matter and that the search engine giant considers the number and quality of backlinks when ranking pages.

Acquiring the sort of backlinks Google loves gives out positive social signals that you are legitimate, respectable, and knowledgeable in your niche.

This only happens if your site is linked to from quality, trusted, and well-ranked websites. Off-page SEO can help you build quality backlinks. Here are some ways to do it.

Broken Content Building

This strategy is less time-consuming than a broken link building process. It involves searching for broken internal links on pages you favor.

The next step is to present your findings as a service to the site owner before proposing they link to your site.

With broken content building, you can quickly locate broken links with a digital search tool such as Ahref’s Content Explorer.

Using this or a similar tool, choose the “Only Broken” search option. The query returns many options you can use to offer a service to the web host with your original content before suggesting they link to your site.

Become an Authority

Publishing unique content based on new information culled from research is a great way to win quality links from reputable websites.

Whenever possible, include statistics to encourage linking. When you publish valuable information, people will link to you without you having to reach out first to them.

While this step involves research to find facts, numbers, and relevant information so you can include valid LSI keywords, the payoffs can be well worth your time and effort.

Use Email

Although creativity is vital in marketing, sometimes the simplest option works best. You can always approach someone directly through email and ask for a link to your site.

Establishing an effective email outreach campaign to acquire backlinks takes only a few simple steps.

  • Use a Google advanced search function for more focused and specific results. Begin by searching for keywords from resource pages:
  • Only contact those sites where your information would be useful or valuable to the website owner.
  • Write a concise and straightforward email that gets to the point quickly. There is an art to requesting backlinks.

Another positive element of well-executed email outreach is that you can build awareness of your brand and set yourself up as an authority with those websites you respect as authorities.

This can have good long-term results as well as immediate benefits in the form of higher search rankings.

Going Off-Site Is Good

Some of the most critical steps you should take to help your website earn higher rankings are done off your site.

Off-page SEO tactics vary in approach and may take considerable time and work. However, they can yield some of the most valuable returns for your website’s ranking results through earning your backlinks.

Going off-site is an essential step in the overall dance of digital marketing.

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