What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Thu Mar 11 2021

What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

You spend a lot of time trying to convert your leads into paying customers. You probably have a lot of techniques and tools available to help you do exactly that. Whether you take advantage of trade shows, cold calling, email marketing, or even door-to-door marketing, the possibilities are endless. Now, a lot of companies take advantage of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing strategies are important because they enable businesses of just about any size to expand their reach and capture the attention of potential clients. Through targeting the right audience with an inbound marketing plan, businesses can increase conversion rates and form strong relationships that create repeat customers. 

Are you wondering how you can take advantage of examples of inbound marketing to grow your business? When you pair inbound marketing with outbound marketing, you can expand your reach, target more potential customers, and grow your business exponentially. The first question you may be asking is, what is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing Definition

First, it is important to take a closer look at the inbound marketing definition and what is inbound marketing in practice. Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that is all about attracting leads and customers to you through helpful, valuable content. The point is to create a content marketing strategy that will help potential customers answer the questions they are asking or solve the problems they are facing. That way, you not only create a better awareness of the products and services that you provide but also build trust by position in your company as an authority in the field.

Ideally, the content you create is going to speak directly to the wants, needs, and challenges of your customer. Then, you can guide them, helping them solve the challenges they face. The focus is on the customer, not on your products and services and why they should choose you. By providing relevant content, it helps build trust so by the time they finally talk to your sales team or are closer to making a purchase, they are already somewhat invested and much better qualified. Inbound marketing thus allows you to increase your conversion rate. 

Inbound Marketing Strategy: How Does it Work?

So, how does inbound marketing work? What inbound marketing techniques are worth considering? The top of your inbound marketing funnel is going to be made up of content that is produced by your business. Often, this content is going to be easy to access and offered for free. Because content marketing is unlikely to cost you a significant amount of money, you can provide this content to potential customers for free. There are lots of types of content that you may produce in your inbound content marketing strategy. Inbound marketing plans could include the creation and publishing of videos, social media posts, articles, podcasts, reports, helpful guides, and infographics. 

When you are designing your content, the goal is to create content that is going to address challenges that potential customers might be facing. Don't rush to promote your products and services; first, you want to formulate an inbound marketing strategy that draws in readers by giving them helpful information and guidance. You can create this content in a variety of media configurations. That way, you can speak to as many people as possible. For example, you may want to take advantage of white papers, tutorials, case studies, listicles, and even how-to guides.

If you are able to offer a wide variety of content, you can build brand awareness. As your reach expands through the use of the inbound marketing methodology, you should be able to generate more leads and boost your conversion rate. 

Comparing Inbound Content Marketing To Outbound Marketing

Of course, A lot of people are wondering what the difference is between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The easiest way to explain this difference is that with inbound marketing, your customers come to you because you're offering something that aligns with their interests. In contrast, outbound marketing involves you going out and finding your customers. 

For example, if you are cold calling a list of people, you are reaching out to them before they may even know about you. That is a form of outbound marketing. In contrast, with inbound marketing, the customers are going to come to you. For example, you may create optimized blog posts as a form of inbound marketing. Then, at the end of each blog post, you will ask customers to reach out to you if they would like more information. If customers decide to subscribe to your email list, you know they are interested in the products and services you provide. This is an example of your customers coming to you. 

How Does Inbound Marketing Help Your Company Grow in the Modern Era?

Inbound marketing can be a significant advantage for your company because you can take advantage of the way the relationship between buyers and sellers has changed. In the past, advertisers had the benefit of something known as a captive audience. For example, there may not have been a lot of options for television channels. Therefore, they didn't have any choice except to listen to the advertisements.

Now, with so many options available, this advertising technique is less effective. Therefore, advertising techniques had to change and adapt to the modern consumer. That is where inbound marketing has become popular. Instead of targeting a bunch of random people and seeing what sticks, people who learn about you from your inbound marketing efforts and are truly interested in your product and services are going to let you know. They will let you know by subscribing to your blogs or emails, providing their information in exchange for a white paper or report, and following and engaging with you on social media. That way, when you finally decide to use your resources to earn a conversion, you have a greater chance of success. Inbound marketing methodology allows you to maximize your conversion rate. 

Take Advantage of a Professional Inbound Marketing Guide

There are plenty of inbound marketing planning examples and types of inbound marketing campaigns out there. It is important to use an inbound marketing guide, particularly one that focuses on inbound content marketing, to develop a strong inbound marketing plan. If you are looking for a strong inbound marketing platform and smart inbound marketing tips and tools, it may be helpful to partner with trained professionals like our team at Vazoola. Experts have a wide range of inbound marketing strategies and an inbound marketing platform they can put to work for you. By using the right inbound marketing tactics, you can generate more organic traffic, create more leads, nurture leads, and boost your conversion rate. All of this can help you make an impression even in the competitive economic landscape that exists today.


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