How To Get SEO Backlinks From Social Media

Thu Jun 27 2019

How To Get SEO Backlinks From Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective and powerful tools that businesses of all types and sizes use in their arsenal of marketing initiatives.

It can be used to attract potential customers, keep current customers interested, and enhance their SEO strategy and search engine results.

Your commercial website is another robust measure you can put to good use to raise awareness about your products or services.

Below are some suggestions on how to leverage social media to make it easy to get SEO backlinks.

Track Down Niche Bloggers

While casting a wide net is undoubtedly a great way to attract consumers, you could operate in a niche market.

If you do, it’s best that you look for niche bloggers who may be open to the idea of you writing a guest blog post for their site and audience.

Once you’ve found a blogger who posts quality content, interact by commenting on posts you like, even sharing them on your own site and social media platforms.

That way, you can start to form a connection with the blogger before you even come forward with a request for guest posts. 

As you craft your post, look for opportunities to build backlinks to specific and relevant web pages on your own site.

Additionally, be sure to include target keywords in your post, both to help the person whose blog on which you’re posting and to boost the chances that more people will see your post.

Look for Product Review Opportunities

If you sell a product, look for individuals who may be willing to try it out and write up a review. Usually, favorable reviews include links to the company’s website.

Just make sure your product is the best it can be before someone tries it. You want the review to be as favorable as possible and paint your company in a positive light.

Because backlinks play such a vital role in search engine rankings, you want to make the most of every opportunity you have when it comes to earning backlinks.

Add Visuals to Your Content

When crafting content to share with your social media followers or site visitors, be sure to include engaging visuals that make visitors and followers stop scrolling and take notice of what you are sharing.  

There’s an undeniable visual element to building your backlink profile. This is mainly because consumers have grown used to being visually engaged by the brands they interact with and from whom they make purchases.

No matter how fantastic your content may be, it could fly right under the radar if you don’t take out time to include compelling visuals that attract potential readers.

Interview Others in Your Market

You aren’t the only expert or entrepreneur in your business sector. Additionally, there are likely professionals in your market that you admire and with whom you want to work.  

Seek those people out and see if they’d be willing to be interviewed by you about a current and exciting topic in your industry.

When compiling your questions and going through the answers, look for anchor text you can use to link to the interviewee’s site.

Once the interview goes live, ask that the interviewee include a link back to your site. That way, you’re helping each other out.

Speak at Events

Depending on how long you’ve been in your chosen market, you may have amassed a vast wealth of knowledge.

If you feel up to sharing your opinions and what you’ve learned about your business sector with others, look for opportunities to speak at events.

As you check out your options for potential events to speak at, focus on those that have a good reputation.

After all, you don’t want to be associated with an event, company, or association with a questionable or downright disreputable reputation.

Once you’ve found an event that interests you and are chosen to speak at it, be sure you and your company are listed on the event’s website, and check to see that there’s a link to your site.

That way, attendees can get an idea of what to expect, and they could become customers. Using social media to net high-quality backlinks is easy when you have the right insights.

Try the above tips out yourself as you refine your SEO and marketing strategy. You’re sure to find them a great use of your time and energy. Best of luck! 

Written by Vazoola

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