How to Create Content that Google Loves

Tue Sep 03 2019

How to Create Content that Google Loves

In today’s search engine-driven marketing world, Google is the dominant party to court. In fact, Google has come to represent the vast majority of internet and web searches.

Think about how people say, “Google this” rather than “Search for this.”

While other quality search engines are available, including Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo for those who value privacy, internet users conduct more than 100 billion searches on Google each month.

Although choice is imperative in a free society, Google is the search engine more people turn to when looking for something on the web.

Therefore, when developing your digital marketing plan, you must focus on producing content that Google loves.

If the thought of trying to create quality content designed to get you noticed and push you up the ranks in search results seems too much to ask, relax.

Creating quality content marketing that Google will like, and that fits into your overall company strategy is not only doable, but it can also be exciting and even fun.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Before attempting to create content based upon mind-blowingly complicated algorithms, concentrate on the basics.

Even with all the detailed statistics and ranking strategies, the most essential elements of high-ranking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content are simple to summarize.

  • Fresh content
  • Quality links
  • Links between web pages
  • Fast page loading
  • Contact information
  • Social media

By utilizing these proven elements, you can develop engaging content that consistently ranks well.

Keep Content Fresh

In today’s fast-moving digital world, content becomes outdated quickly. Services go out of business, web pages shut down, and people change positions.

At least once a year, review your content and update the information to help it rank better. You can also freshen older copy by adding relevant information and including engaging elements such as interviews, quotes, videos, and images.

Quality Backlinks

When you link to an exterior URL, you make a backlink (or external link) to that site. If another website links to your web page on their site, that is a backlink for you.

Relevant backlinks are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. They can elevate a piece of content from average to something highly authoritative that Google will like.

A necessary part of creating solid backlinks is keyword research. Relevant keywords need to be included throughout your copy, including in titles, meta descriptions, and title tags.

Links Between Web Pages

In addition to external links, you can use internal links. This happens when you weave valuable and relevant links into your own web pages that link one page to another page on your site.

Interlinking increases the chance that both pages will get higher ranks during Google searches. Blog posts are another great way to incorporate links between your web pages.

Fast Page Loading

The faster your page loads, the higher you rank in Google, especially on mobile searches. There are simple ways to reduce load time.

  • Reduce image size and choose proper formats
  • Have fewer multimedia ads
  • Cut down on the number of images

You may also want to incorporate browser caching and select the best web hosting option for your needs and budget.

Include Contact Information

One of the easiest ways to add trustworthiness to your web pages is to include information about customer service and how customers can contact you.

For example, Google likes to see web pages titled “Contact” and “About Us.” You add credibility to your site and brand when you list multiple avenues for potential clients to reach you.

Social Media

Social media is one of, if not the, greatest networking tool we have. Leverage the power of social media by making it a vital part of your SEO strategy.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as well as other social networks, can go to work for you by helping you get noticed and building your audience.

In addition to your posts, social shares from readers can introduce you to new consumers and increase your reach.

Google is the search engine leader in today’s internet-driven world. It is important to know how to write content that Google loves so your web pages will rank higher in internet searches.

There are techniques you can start working on today to boost your views and earn you appreciation from search giant Google.

Written by Vazoola

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