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Why Partner With a White Label Link Building Agency?

White label link building is the process of an agency or SEO professional partnering with a third party link building agency to provide reseller link building services to their clients, but the third party will coordinate and execute the link building behind the scenes while the agency or SEO professional takes the credit for the work. Link building is difficult and time consuming, so this strategy is the best way to improve the scale and effectiveness of your link building efforts.

Vazoola has been providing white label link building to thousands of agencies and SEOs for over 10 years. We’ll work with you directly to come up with a custom strategy and cost structure that will power great results for your clients and profitability for your business at any scale.

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White Label Link Building Powered by Bounty Express

Our Bounty Express software is a white label link building service optimized for speed, scalability, and your profit margins. We leverage a powerful process that cuts price points dramatically by having our publishers compete for limited opportunities to place in content back links for your client's websites. Here’s how it works:

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Create a bounty by choosing the price you want to pay per link, quantity of links, and link metrics (Domain Authority, Domain Rating, Traffic, etc).

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Our software will match your bounty with a large pool of qualified blogs and publications who will compete to place your content.

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As link placements are submitted our team manually reviews them for quality and accuracy before they are pushed to your account dashboard.

Find out how much you're leaving on the
table with your current link building work flow.

Why choose Vazoola to white label backlinks for your agency? 


Results Based

We're proud of our work and are results based, meaning we won't lock you into long term contracts. We're used to forming strong relationships by proving ourselves and getting results for your clients


Employ Best Practices

We treat your clients like our own, only employing the best practices and quality measures so you can wow your clients. We do our best so you look your best.

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Full Transparency

24/7 access to real time, white label link building friendly progress reports. We work around your needs to provide exactly what you require for each specific client. white


Fully Managed Workflow

Our process features a fully managed work flow that includes a dedicated account manager giving you as little or as much involvement in our process as you wish. Get hands on or leave it to us to deliver. 


Price Control

We're the only Name Your Price service! We’ll provide the cost structure you need to grow your margins. Any size, any scale, any quality. We'll match or beat any rates elsewhere.

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Proven Experience

With over 100,000 publishers, thousands of happy clients, and 10 years in the making, you can have confidence in our ability to to go above and beyond for you and your clients. 

See what our clients are saying...

We partnered with Vazoola after several Link Building agencies failed to meet our quality standards. The team at Vazoola is top notch and best in class in the trade of guest posting and link building fulfillment for digital marketing agencies. Their links have been consistently high quality, relevant and delivered in a timely fashion. If you're frustrated with your Link Building partner, I highly recommend working with the Vazoola team and technology!


Brian Hansen CEO @ Rocket Pilots

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It has been great working with the Vazoola team. I’ve worked with many other link building companies in the past but none of them were able to deliver quality links at as low of a cost as Vazoola. We brought a small test budget to them and found we were able to increase margins on links by 40%! We’ve since grown our agency much faster than expected with Vazoola as our only partner for links. Their white label link building service has really changed the game for us.


Skyler Malley President @ Firestarter

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I recently took over our company’s Vazoola account when a former team member left our company. I knew nothing about the system going in, and I have had to lean on the Vazoola team heavily to get things kicked off for our clients. Working with Chris and Matt has been such an easy process. Every question I’ve had, they’ve answered thoroughly and with patience. I have also been able to get numerous links for our clients in just a few short weeks!


Chelsea Roller Content Marketing Manager @ RankFuse Digital

What’s Vazoola?
We’re a link building company that gives Agencies the ability to grow by streamlining their link building efforts for clients, reducing turnaround time and cost, and increasing link quality and margins. Our Bounty Express software gives us a unique advantage over our competitors to scale link building effectively by leveraging our own AI-powered technology, along with the 100,000+ high quality websites that we have established relationships with.
    1. Also, we offer a White-Label solution for Agencies. We can provide reporting of all the links being built, and give that to them in a CSV that they can add their own branding to before sending off to the clients.
Why would we use you?
Most agencies we work with are able to dramatically decrease the cost of their link building efforts, while improving link quality. This leads to more successful campaigns for clients and higher profit margins for you, the agency. It’s a win/win and provides a viable path towards growing your agency. Some of the main selling points of our service are:
    1. Established Relationships – we already have connections with over 100,000 blogs and online publications
    2. Content At Scale – we have a team of hundreds of writers so we can handle all of your content creation
    3. Lighting Fast Turnaround – we’re usually working with a 30 days turnaround time, but we can easily turn an order around in 7-10 days if needed.
    4. Insurance – we can guarantee the links for a minimum of one year since we maintain these relationships
    5. Relevant Data – we have API’s with Moz, Majestic, SEMrush, and Ahrefs so we can provide all of the data you need to make a decision.
How many clients can you handle?
We can scale link building for any number of clients. We specialize in working with Agencies, and created our platform with the goal of handling big volume. For reference, we have some agency clients that we are building links monthly for 500+ clients.
Are these links DoFollow?
Yes, we will guarantee the links are DoFollow unless you are looking for a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow. Either way, we give you full control over setting the requirements, and we’ll make sure those are followed. 
How many links can I get in one post?
We give you the ability to include up to two links for each post. In addition to that, if we’re writing the content, we’ll include other external links to authoritative sites so the post looks as natural as possible.
We have a guy in house that does this.
Great, I’d love to speak with him. Our service could be a huge add-on to what he’s doing. The truth is it’s extremely difficult to locate the right types of sites to get links from, let alone build a relationship and secure a link placement. Because we developed relationships with so many sites, and have a platform that eliminates all of the legwork needed, I have no doubt we drastically cut down the cost of his outreach, the time needed, and at the same time, improved the success of each campaign.
We have an SEO company that does this.
Great, I’d love to speak with the person that handles the SEO. We actually work with hundreds of the top agencies. Link building is such a difficult and time-consuming task that it’s much easier to use a company like us that specializes in it. There’s a good chance we could dramatically improve the success of the campaigns they are running on your behalf.
Does your service violate Google’s webmaster guidelines?
When Google looks at a link, they want to see that it is coming from a relevant and high quality site, and that it looks natural. We only work with the real, mostly US based sites, that are producing great content for their audience. We do an exceptional at matching up your site with relevant sites that meet your specific criteria. The articles we produce, which include our client’s links, are then published as if they were written by the site’s editor or a regular contributor. There is no difference in the way our links are published versus the way that you would get them published if you were performing outreach on your own, except that our method is faster, cheaper, and more successful.
Have you ever had any clients get penalized?
No, we have never had any clients penalized as a result of the links we have built for them. We focus on securing editorial links that are naturally weaved into an article, and we put a strong emphasis on relevancy and quality.
Do you have any case studies?
We do. You can actually take a look at our website to view some of the case studies. These are just a few examples of how, through our Bounty Express software, we were effectively able to help companies to grow by significantly:
    1. Reducing link building costs and turnaround time
    2. Improving link quality, search rankings, and organic traffic
    3. Increasing profit margin and successful outcomes
Do you require any contracts or min spend?
No, we are very performance based. There is a small monthly fee based on the type of plan you are interested in, but beyond that, you can spend as much or as little as you want.
What does your pricing look like?
The monthly fee is only $99 if you want to be hands-on in creating the bounties on your own, or $149 if you would like us to manage everything for you. In addition to that you will pay a one-time fee for each link placement that you secure. This is the best part – you have full control over the price points of your links. Each time you create a bounty, you’ll be able to set the total budget and number of links needed, so you’ll know exactly what the outcome will be, and your profit margin.
Can you guarantee specific results?
SEO and Link Building is not a perfect science so there no way to guarantee specific results in a certain time period. What we can say is that Link Building is probably the most crucial aspect of SEO, and a big component of ranking high in the search engines. We can guarantee that the links will be meet your specifications and will be placed on relevant, high quality websites. The more high quality links that you build, the better the results you will see.
Can I see the sites ahead of time?
Sure, I can create a sample list of some of the websites we work with that match your requirements. Keep in mind, with our Bounty Express service, you won’t be able to approve the exact sites ahead of time, but you will be able control the type of sites, and level of quality of those sites, that the links are secured on.
What do you look at when deciding whether a site is quality?
We look at many factors. First off, we look out how well the site is being managed. We make sure they are creating well written articles and aren’t doing anything spammy tactics. We also have many API’s that lets us review the site’s metrics in order to determine how strong the site is from a link standpoint. For instance- we look at Moz ”domain authority”, Majestic “trust flow”, and Ahrefs “Domain Rating” just to name a few. This gives a full picture view of the site, and makes it easy to decide if the site is a good fit for any of our clients.
Do you handle content?
The majority of the time, we create the content. We have our own team with hundreds of writers, so we can handle any volume of content creation needed. We always recommend using our writers because they have been trained on how to create content that websites want to publish, while finding a natural way to weave your link in. It’s also much more affordable than using your own writers or a content company. That said, we do also give you the option of providing your own content if that’s something that’s important to you.
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