Leading Finance Company sees #1 position and huge organic traffic growth for key business terms


12 Month Goal:

To rank #1 and increase organic traffic for the five keywords listed in the table and graphs below.

Requirements and Budget:

The Vazoola team was required to secure at least ten high quality links for $3000 each month. All links needed to have a minimum Domain Rating of 30+, Domain Authority of 30+, and Ahrefs Organic Traffic of 500+

The Results

Vazoola increased the rankings of four keywords to the #1 position in Google. The fifth keyword has been increased to the #3 position. Organic traffic results increased exponentially over the twelve-months. Please view the tables and graphs below to see ranking and traffic improvements over a twelve-month period.

Keyword Rankings Table and Graph
test Keyword Rankings Table and Graph
test Ranking Graph
Monthly Search Volume Table and Graph Based On Ranking Position
test Monthly Search Volume Table and Graph Based on Ranking Position
test Volume Graph

How We Did It

Through Bounty Express, Vazoola was able to secure up to twenty authoritative links each month with the client’s $3,000 budget. This exceeded the original request of ten links each month. Vazoola’s Customer Success Team made sure that all sites linking back to the client’s website met the requirements and were ranking in Google for relevant keywords. Vazoola’s team also ensured incoming links to the client’s site primarily had US traffic with an upward trend over the last twelve months.

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