Case Study 2


Digital Agency improved link building margins, enabling them to onboard more clients and expand their business


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Medium Size Digital Agency

Location: Salt Lake City
Size: 20 Employees
Annual Revenue: $3.2 million

Salt Lake City Agency was only making 20% margin on links and weren't aware of how much they were leaving on the table working with their current link building reseller. SLC Agency has 50 clients spending an average of $300 per month each for 3 backlinks. 

The Numbers

  • SLC Agency charges $180,000+ per year to clients for backlink services, while paying $144,000 to current link provider.
  • Link cost margins are only 20%
  • Link provider did not always deliver on time and link quality was low
  • Clients were underwhelmed by link reports
  • Clients were not seeing big improvements in organic search rankings.
  • Link providers platform was rudimentary, increasing the amount of time needed to complete regular tasks.

The Solution

Salt Lake City Agency hired Vazoola in April of 2019, initially transferring a few clients to Vazoola’s “Bounty Express”. The “Bounty Express” delivered, and within two months, SLC transitioned all remaining clients. This led to increased profit margins on link building each month.

  • Link spend was reduced from $144,000 to $90,000.
  • Each link had a Domain Authority and Domain Rating of 30+.
  • Bounty express delivered equal or higher quality links month over month, faster than the previous link provider.
  • Decreased account manager workloads.
  • Client rankings started increasing rapidly.
  • Agency started focusing and adding more resources towards growing their business.


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“My name is J.S. and my company is Salt Lake City Agency. We were satisfied with our current link building provider before Vazoola and were not actively looking for a new provider. We heard about Vazoola’s Bounty Express from a colleague, and were intrigued enough to want to learn more about how we could control pricing and for the same amount of quality links we decided to give it try. It really delivered and helped us grow as an agency.”

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