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Small SEO Agency outsources all link building and finally turns the corner to profitability!


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Small SEO Agency

Location: Florida
Size: 8 Employees
Annual Revenue: $1.2 million
XYZ agency was trying to handle link building in house for sixteen clients that pay $500 a month to receive five links each month, ultimately losing money on their efforts.

The Numbers

  • Currently spending $50,000+ per year on a full-time link building specialist.
  • Paying $12,000 per year on content creation for SEO-friendly articles with in-content links.
  • The ongoing search for blogs and negotiations with individual publishers to keep a fresh inflow of links for all sixteen clients resulted in roughly $48,000 per year paid to publishers for just link placements.
  • Total in house link building expense -- $110,000. Total revenue coming in from 16 clients $96,000. Total loss is $16,400.

The Solution

  • Bounty Express delivered 5 links for each client within 30 days at an average price of $60.
  • Each link had a Domain Authority and Domain Rating of 30+.
  • The $60 average per link included content creation.
  • There was an immediate boost to client rankings resulting in less client turnover.
  • Decreased account manager workloads.
  • XYZ was able use their savings towards advertising and sales.
  • Within 2 to 3 months, XYZ revenue grew a minimum of 15% each month for the first year.
  • By June 2020, they grew to a team of 15 employees.
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My name is Brian Smith and my company is XYZ SEO. I want to say what a pleasure it is working with the team at Vazoola. Casey and Andrew have developed a revolutionary link building process with the Bounty Express.

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