What Are Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks?

Mon Dec 20 2021

What Are Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks?

Do you want to get more out of your search engine optimization campaign? If you take a look at an example of a good SEO campaign, you will probably see a lot of dofollow backlinks. Links are important because they position your website as an authority in the field. At the same time, there are different link options available, and you need to figure out which one is best for your needs. In general, they are sorted into dofollow and Nofollow categories. Which type of follow is best for you, and how can you get more out of your digital marketing campaign? 

What Is a Dofollow Link?

First, it is important to take a closer look at the individual types of links you might use. One of the most common examples is a do-follow link. A dofollow link is a link that allows search engines to direct a user back to your blog. Therefore, every time you put a dofollow link on your site, it will point back to your online profile. This strengthens your authority because it shows search engines and numerous other websites which posts point back to you. To tell if a link is a do-follow link, locate the option that says “view page source.” Take a look at the link in the HTML area of the page. If you don’t see a “nofollow” attribute there, then the link is dofollow.

What Is a Nofollow Link?

In contrast, a no follow link is a link that does not count in the page’s favor. It also does not help the page’s placement in SERPs. It is relatively easy to check and see if a link is a no follow link. You need to visit the page source of the website once again. Then, look at the link in the HTML part of the page. If there is a “rel = nofollow” option, then this is a sign that the link is a no follow link.

The Benefits and Drawbacks: Do Follow Links

If you decide to incorporate do follow links as a part of your website, there are several benefits you will enjoy. These include:

  • You can attract more visitors to your website.
  • You can improve your rankings 
  • You can improve the authority of your website in the eyes of search engines. 

There are a few drawbacks as well. These include: 

  • If you place a bunch of do-follow links from your site to other websites, you may hurt the authority of your own website.
  • If you place do follow links on your site improperly, the ranking of your own website might suffer.

Think about the benefits and drawbacks before you decide if this type of link is good for your search engine optimization campaign. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks: Nofollow Links

There are several benefits if you decide to use no-follow links. These include:

  • You can drive more traffic to your website. They may not count toward your backlink profile, but you can still generate traffic, improving your online presence.
  • These types of lines can help you build brand awareness. When traffic is directed to your website, people will learn more about the products and services you offer.
  • No follow links can also normalize your online profile. Your online profile looks natural to search engines, preventing penalties.

There are a few drawbacks as well. These include:

  • These types of things don't necessarily count toward your site rankings.

Think about these benefits and drawbacks before using this type of link. 

When To Use Which Follow Links

In general, if you are using a link that points to another website, and he wants search engines to recognize that you have a link to that specific website, then you should use a dofollow link. This also makes it easier for search engines to tell what your website is about. On the other hand, if you do not want to promote the ranking of another website, then you may want to use a nofollow link instead. 

Do Follow Links Are Usually Best for SEO

In general, if you want to improve the quality of your search engine optimization campaign and greatly lower the time it takes to improve your search rankings then you should be working to secure do follow links. The fastest way to better rankings is to have other websites that are relevant to your site place do follow links on their site that point back to your site. It’s critical that these websites are high quality and relevant, so consider working with a professional team who can help you secure dofollow backlinks

Pick the Right Backlinks: Dofollow and Nofollow

There is a lot to think about if you want to maximize the results of your SEO campaign. You need to think carefully about how you complete your linking strategy. There are multiple types of links available, and you may be curious about using do-follow versus no-follow links. Even though both types of links can be useful in certain situations, no-follow links are usually better for search engine optimization campaigns. If you are curious about how to increase your online profile, you may want to outsource link building to a link building agency who can help you. Position yourself as an authority in the field.

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