What Are the Free Link Building Tools and How Are They Used?

Sun Jun 23 2019

What Are the Free Link Building Tools and How Are They Used?

Online marketing is a complex process that many companies find daunting until the right professional gives them the insight they need.

It's not as hard to learn as it seems at first. Like many skills, it requires the right tools and the know-how to make good use of them.

Tracking how your website’s pages are performing is the first step to knowing where and what to improve.

In addition to understanding your own site’s performance, the right tools will also show you what your competition is doing.

This will help you see what portion of the marketplace you are capturing as you work on your marketing online.

How and Why You Need to Build Links

A significant part of a site's search ranking is its authority, and another major part is its traffic. Inbound links to the website help both, but only if they are done correctly and effectively placed.

If a site links to your web page and it isn’t relevant or helpful, readers will have no motivating reason to click the link.

The more traffic you get, the better your ranking. Where you build your links is as significant as how many you have.  

One way to do this is by writing guest blog posts for other professionals in your field who are not your direct competitors.  

You can also place articles and posts on relevant third-party information resources and news sites.

Link building will continue to be necessary into the foreseeable future despite speculation to the contrary.

Not only has it always been so, but Google, but the largest search engine in the world, has not announced any intention to change the use of links in ranking pages.

Links are even more important than keyword optimization in many ways because they directly send traffic to the page in addition to ranking it.

That's a little simplistic, of course, since many keywords are there to serve as anchor text in addition to textual optimization.

Which Tools to Use for Analysis

Gathering and analyzing data on your website traffic helps you make informed decisions. Using the right tools can help.

Luckily, learning to optimize your web pages does not require a large financial up-front commitment. You can start with the free tools.

Test them out and get a better understanding of which premium tools will be most helpful. Paid services provide powerful tools you will probably want down the road.

Several basic services provide backlink data, page rankings authority scores, and more without a cost to you.

Except for the Google Search Console, each of these free tools can also be upgraded to premium services that provide even more insight and analysis to your marketing team when you are ready.

Using Multiple Tools

Not all link analytic tools are the same. You need to know how to place links yourself, as well as how to measure their performance if you want to get the most out of them.

But what goes into performance? Your page rank is more than just your organic search numbers or raw traffic.

It's more than your blog posts and click through ratio, too, but all of those play into it. Each tool provides you with a new insight.

Even when they check the same site for the same information, they use different reference databases and indexes.

So, sometimes one tool misses an item, and another picks it up. Working with three or four reports to get an accurate idea of their error rate leads you to better predictions, so you get more from your marketing efforts

On top of the improvements to your projections that comparing reports can bring you, each tool also brings unique information.

The same tool that gives you spam index scores and Alexa ratings might not give you the ability to track a competitor's link additions and performance over time.

And both tools are useful if you're trying to get the most out of your marketing.

Remember, check out every option you can for free, decide which ones give you the best information, and then work on figuring out what you still need to know before investing in the paid versions of the services.

This way, you only wind up paying for the tools you actually need.

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