How to Effectively Build Links to Your Blog

Wed May 29 2019

How to Effectively Build Links to Your Blog

Many factors affect how the major search engines rank your blog. Backlinks are among the most important.

High-quality backlinks from respected sources help identify your site as a potential authority, meaning you rank higher in relevant searches.

That means more traffic, a broader audience that continues to grow, higher conversion rates, and more.

However, high-authority links from trustworthy sites aren't as easy to get as you might hope. Keep the following tips in mind to help facilitate the process.

Create Amazing Content

First thing's first! Content is king, so any push to create links to your blog posts should begin with a thorough assessment of your blog and its content.

Make sure it's filled with high-quality material so that authority sites will want to link back to it. (Informative resources, insider insights, engaging videos, and more are all excellent examples.)

Your tone should be friendly and approachable, but also authoritative and confident. The more readable, entertaining, and valuable you can make your content, the easier it will be to convince others it's worth linking to and sharing.

Consider Guest Blogging

Creating a quality backlink profile isn't just about scoring the links themselves. It's also about establishing yourself as a trusted authority in your industry or niche of choice.

Guest blogging is an effective way to do both at the same time. In addition to getting the backlink, you also get to build your audience and gain valuable exposure.

It's a useful way to not only use existing connections to your advantage but to build new relationships at the same time.

Figure out where to start by researching where other successful bloggers in your niche are posting, and follow their lead.

Promote Your Content Efficiently

Phenomenal content production and efficient marketing go hand in hand, so definitely make sure you're paying enough attention to marketing.

Share your content across all your social media channels and encourage others to do the same.

Get in touch with website owners or bloggers you know who post daily, weekly, or monthly content roundups, and ask to be included.

Always be courteous and professional, never pushy or demanding. These are important relationships, so it's critical that you take care of them and preserve them. 

Get Yourself Interviewed

Everyone loves a good interview and with good reason. They're entertaining, they're informative, and they're great ways to get the skinny on up and coming industry trends.

They're also terrific ways for the interviewee to score some very high-quality backlinks. You don't have to wait for interested parties to come to you. (That will be happening more than often enough once you've proven yourself an authority in your industry!)

Compile a list of websites and authority blogs that are good fits for what you do as a blogger.

Drop them a line, respectfully introduce yourself, and tell them a bit about what knowledge you can bring to the table. 

Experiment with Infographics

There's nothing like a great visual to snag people's attention, illustrate relevant information, and inspire them to hit that share button!

Beautifully designed infographics provide the best of both worlds: Information that's relevant, interesting, or entertaining and bright, beautiful visuals that please the eye.

They are great ways to build brand recognition, grow your reputation as an authority, and add to your backlink profile.  

The key to success lies in making sure your graphics tell engaging stories that are not only brand relevant but that your potential audience wants to hear. 

Stay Up to Date

Staying in the know as far as what your competition is doing is just as important when it comes to building your backlink profile, as it is any other part of running your blog.

That said, make it a point to keep up with what other bloggers in your niche are doing. That means keeping up with what they're posting and how they're marketing their content and building their brands.

Taking careful note of what's working for other people is a great way to figure out your next move when it comes to your own marketing strategies.

Earning high-quality backlinks isn't easy, but it's not rocket science either. All you need is a clear strategy, quality content, and enough dedication to see your efforts through. 

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