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8 Persuasive Reasons to Provide Awesome Content

Sep 30, 2020

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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Casey Bjorkdahl is one of the pioneering thought leaders in the SEO community. In 2010, Casey co-founded Vazoola after working for a Digital Marketing Agency for five years in New York City. Vazoola is now one of the fastest growing and most widely recognized SEO marketing firms in the country.

8 Persuasive Reasons to Provide Awesome Content

The Internet is the digital age’s new marketplace. People meet and greet, shop, and listen to the latest news.

Whether or not you have a brick-and-mortar shop, your online storefront is a vital factor in your company’s future growth.

Your website ideally should present your company, brand, and products as useful and beneficial in ways that today’s consumers appreciate.

Every word, image, and video on your pages should be there for a reason. Content matters. Here are eight reasons why you need great content on your website.

1. Education

You not only need to tell readers about your brand, but you also need to tell search engines. The SERPs determine how easy it is for internet users to find you.

When search engines know what your site is about, they display it when someone searches for a topic relevant to your website.

The more related your website is to users’ needs, the more likely visitors are to stay and maybe even buy.

2. Links

Search engines like internal links. Quality links that let users easily navigate your site and find what they want, boost your site in search engine results and appeal to page visitors.

Strong links are part of a winning SEO strategy from the perspective of both search engines and site visitors.

3. Sales

Content marketing goes beyond throwing out advertisements randomly and hoping somebody will respond.

You build effective campaigns on data that you then use to connect personally with the public. Social media platforms are effective marketing channels that let you reach out directly to individuals by answering questions, making comments, and sharing their material with permission.

This kind of interaction often leads to interest in your brand, which can mean more site traffic and possibly more conversions of visitors to buyers.

4. Value

Today’s consumers want more than a message telling them to buy your product or service. They want value for their time.

This is where great content comes in. Your overall content strategy should include plans for inbound marketing, which is a methodology for drawing users to you, getting and keeping them interested, and delighting them.

Your content should uplift, entertain, and educate, all in the context of your niche. If you offer users valuable content, they are more likely to return and possibly buy.

5. Connect

The right content helps you connect with readers and build trust. No amount of money can buy consumer belief in your brand, so your strategy should include ways of promoting it.

Working with the right influencers can help you reach specific target audiences with your message using various media channels.

If you choose well, these influencers help you gain the trust of their followers. Testimonials are another essential facet of earning consumer confidence.

In addition to including testimonials on your website, you can also work them into your social media marketing campaigns. People trust other people more than they trust companies.

6. Authority

Great content can help you set yourself up as an expert in your particular niche. Establish yourself as a brand authority by offering readers valuable, original content they will not find elsewhere.

One way to collect unique data is through a survey you run yourself. Today’s social media outlets make this easy and affordable.

Email is another good way to get responses to surveys. When users believe you to be an expert in your field, they are more likely to revisit your site and make purchases.

7. Status

Connected to a concept of expertise is the perspective you are reliable. Great content is vital for reputation management.

If consumers feel you are trying to give them power and benefit them rather than merely trying to sell them something, your reputation is on its way up.

Create material people love reading and sharing, and you will soon build a reputation as a brand to watch—and buy.

8. Guide

The right content can be effective at urging and guiding site visitors to take specific actions. These include contacting you, leaving a review, requesting a quote, or adding to a shopping cart.

When your site guides visitors, people are likely to stay on your site longer and possibly make a purchase.

Content is King

Great content takes you far. It helps you establish yourself as a reliable industry leader interested in consumers.

People today want value for their time, and creative, original content elevates your website to the next level. It may boost not only your traffic but also your sales.

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