What To Know Before You Buy Backlinks

Thu Jan 07 2021

What To Know Before You Buy Backlinks

When it comes to ranking highly in search engine results, several factors impact your site’s ability to rank. One of the most influential factors is the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

Buy Backlinks To Give Your Website a Head Start

A backlink occurs when another site links to yours and essentially serves as a virtual “vote of confidence.” Search engines use these votes of confidence as evidence that your site boasts valuable content and is worth ranking. The more seo backlinks your site garners, the more likely your content is to surface in the search results.

High-quality seo backlinks do not just happen when you establish an online presence. In fact, many sites go their entire existence without ever once earning a worthy link. For example, as many as 55% of sites didn’t have a single inbound link as of 2020. Another 91% of websites never receive organic traffic because they lack backlinks. The bottom line is that backlinks are incredibly valuable. Because of this, marketers across the globe have developed and honed various strategies for garnering them. One of the most popular methods for obtaining links is to buy backlinks.

Benefits of Paying for SEO backlinks

There can be risks associated when you buy backlinks but the best way to avoid risk is by partnering with a link building service. By doing so, you can enjoy the many benefits of paid links, such as the following:

  • Save Time: Successful link building requires a lengthy process that consists of outreach, relationship building, qualifying opportunities, testing, and more. If your brand is like others, it simply does not have the time nor the resources for that kind of effort. Fortunately, agencies do. When you buy backlinks for SEO, you can reap the benefits of the firm’s processes without expending too many of your internal resources.
  • Quick Results: Building SEO backlinks organically can take months or, in some cases, years. When you buy quality backlinks you can see  an SEO boost immediately and lay the foundation for future optimization efforts.
  • Predictability and Control: you should buy backlinks because when you rely on organic links, you have no control over where they come from or what pages they link to. You also have no control over when, or even if, you receive links. However, when you buy quality backlinks, you can operate with a high degree of certainty that you will receive brand mentions at opportune times and have control over everything from link source to keyword anchor text.

Should you Buy SEO Backlinks?

Backlinks have been, and continue to be, a key authority signal in Google algorithms. However, it’s not the number of backlinks your page garners that contributes to your page rankings, but the quality of those links.

By investing in more high-quality links from authoritative pages and websites, you can build your domain authority and, in the process, gain rankings in the SERPs. With that being said, you should buy backlinks because it is a common practice among marketers, as affordable backlinks are a quick and surefire way to increase your rankings and improve website visibility.

Buy Backlinks Cheap

As indicated above, the key to buy cheap backlinks for the purposes of boosting your search engine rankings is quality, as spammy links, links from irrelevant websites, or mentions by sites that don’t exist can cost you. While the saying, “You get what you pay for” is certainly relevant in the link buying backlinks world, the truth is that you can find affordable backlinks that impact your rankings for the better. In fact, when you buy seo backlinks it can be one of the most budget-friendly SEO strategies website owners can implement today. If you’re looking to buy backlinks cheap it becomes even more so when you partner with a high quality backlinks service like Vazoola.

Where To Buy Quality Backlinks

When you buy backlinks from Vazoola, you can scale your efforts in accordance with your needs and budget. Through our most popular service, Bounty Express, you can control when and how often you are buying backlinks, along with the exact quality and quantity.  The first-come, first-serve model creates competition among publishers, which means lower prices for you.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to buy SEO backlinks, our self-service marketplace of over 100,000 blogs and publications — each organized by niche and topic — may be for you. Our custom link building campaigns, manual outreach method, and local link building involve fully managed approaches designed to help you succeed when buying backlinks, and will ensure you secure high-quality leads in a more hands-off way.

Regardless of how you choose to buy backlinks, our team offers a flexible link building service that allows you to buy backlinks cheap,  that you can design to match your needs, budget, and workflow. Learn more about our white label link building services to determine which one is right for you.

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