What Steps Can I Use to Build a Content Distribution Strategy?

Wed May 08 2019

What Steps Can I Use to Build a Content Distribution Strategy?

Producing excellent content that deserves maximum attention is only half of the equation when it comes to building your brand.

The other half lies in making sure it reaches its target audience. After all, it simply won't matter how much a given person would enjoy a piece you created if they never actually know it's out there.

An excellent distribution strategy that covers email, multiple social media platforms, and more is the key to meeting all of your content marketing goals and then some. Here's how to craft one that's sure to yield the results you want.

Be Fresh, Be Unique, and Be Authentic

Successful social media personalities all have one significant thing in common when it comes to how they connect to their audiences.

They're unique individuals with one-of-a-kind voices that bring something fresh to the table. Whether you're looking to find an audience for your own voice or working to make your brand an indispensable part of people's everyday lives, it pays to be authentic. 

It is also advantageous to enlist the help of others who have already built followings using this formula.

Social media influencer marketing is a terrific way to introduce what you do to an entirely new demographic.

It's also one of the quicker, more effective ways to get the word out about a product, service, or promotion that you want to see catch on. 

Make Your Content Shareable

If content is king when it comes to internet visibility, then social media is definitely queen. Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren't just easy ways to kill a few spare minutes anymore.

They're significant parts of nearly every person's everyday life. People turn to social media to learn what's going on out there in the world, as well as to help them make decisions about what to read, buy, and consume.

They then turn around and share their insights, experiences, and reactions with the rest of their online social circles. 

That's precisely why you want to make your content shareable on every level. First, make it readable, visually appealing, and easy to digest.

Then, make it as easy as possible for those that like it to share it across their favorite social media profiles.

Social sharing buttons are easy to add to your posts. They're also obvious, non-obtrusive ways to remind visitors that sharing is always an option.

Leverage Your Email List

Email marketing may look like yesterday's news as compared to influencer marketing or social media sharing, but it's still an essential part of any thorough effort to generate leads.

Newsletters and email blasts are very powerful ways to stay in touch with people who've shown interest in your content in the past, especially over extended periods of time. However, there's a fine art to using them correctly.

People who opt into your mailing list or sign up to receive notifications of new posts from you are people who already think good things about your brand.

That means they're highly likely to eventually respond to an offer or further distribute some of your content for you.

In many cases though, the average person stays on a mailing list for many weeks or months before responding to a call to action.

However, tools like customized recipient subgroups and cleverly timed promotions can help increase your chances of success.

Embrace Paid Advertising

While it's true that the internet is packed with golden opportunities to reach your target audience for free, you'll still want to include at least some paid advertising in your content marketing plan.

Options like paid Facebook advertising, Google ads, and more can potentially place your content in front of millions of eager consumers who are looking for exactly what you're offering.

Plus, it's relatively affordable and easy to customize according to your changing needs.

The key to success lies in doing your homework about which demographics are most likely to be interested and making sure your ads are cleverly focused on them.

Who is most likely to be helped by what you do? How can you let them know that your content is indeed the solution they've been searching for and need?

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways you can take your content distribution strategy to the next level, but they're also among the most effective.

How will you help your target audience find, consume, and fall in love with what you do?

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