8 Ways Google's Search Console Helps With SEO

Tue Sep 22 2020

8 Ways Google's Search Console Helps With SEO

Digital tools are a boon to online marketers for many reasons. They compile and analyze vast amounts of data to give you a clear picture of who is visiting your site, who is buying, and how your marketing efforts affect your company's growth.

Some of today's internet tools are also designed to make it easier than ever for webmasters to keep track of their website in multiple ways.

One such advanced tool is Google Search Console. If you are not already using it,  you could be missing out on optimizing your digital marketing efforts.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console will help you keep track of your website's page ranking in Google's index, and it assists you to troubleshoot any issues, such as a sudden drop in ranking.

This service helps you better comprehend how Google's search mechanisms work and how your page fits into it. Search Console performs several services.

  • Traffic data for searches and clickthroughs
  • Backlink data
  • Confirmation your site is being thoroughly indexed in Google Search

Search Console is also a valuable assistant for developing your strategies for SEO, or search engine optimization.

Here are eight ways Google's Search Console helps you improve your SEO rankings.

1. Control Hub

If you are wondering how to use Google Search Console, think of it as your headquarters for control over all aspects of your website. Your site's SEO should always be evolving and needs to be checked daily so weak elements can be adjusted.

Site settings need to be tweaked, and errors corrected. You can also submit your sitemaps through Search Console, where you can easily monitor them and benefit from feedback directly from Google about how it sees your pages.

2. Stronger Keywords

Search Console lets you analyze your keywords and helps you find underperforming terms. The right keywords help you maximize your website's potential for ranking higher, which can earn you more traffic.

3. Better Backlinks

Winning backlinks are part of a strong SEO strategy. Worthwhile backlinks come from reliable webpages that rank well in Google Search.

These connections are valuable because they help your page rank well in organic searches, which Google appreciates. Search Console enables you to analyze your backlinks and determine which ones deliver the best results.

4. More Effective Tagging

Since Search Console analyzes so many elements of your webpage, it can show you how well your tags are doing and how they fit into your marketing efforts.

Another digital tool, Google Tag Manager, helps you develop and manage your tags.

5. Quality Content

Search Console helps you find pages on your site that may need more internal links to other pages and your blog.

If the content is current and accurate, you may not need to rewrite the entire page. You may be able to add more relevant links.

6. Flowing Traffic

As your content becomes dated, organic traffic will slow down. Search Console helps you find slower performing pages in its report on search results.

Sometimes Google will lower your rankings because of material that becomes irrelevant, such as publishing a list of classes or conferences.

After these events happen, this data is no longer critical for readers. You can either update the information or remove the page.

Seasonal interests play into page traffic also. For example, during the summer, readers' interest in decorating for Christmas will decrease.

7. Instant Notifications

Sometimes manual alerts are put on webpages if one of Google's readers establishes it fails to meet Google's webmaster quality guidelines.

Search Console notifies you if this happens, and it also serves as a channel through which you can contact Google to address the issue.

8. Thorough Website Management

You can combine Search Console with Google Analytics, another free tool. Together, these programs help you better understand how all the elements of your page work together to give you results.

They allow you to modify underperforming features and keep track of performance as often as you wish.

Control for Better SEO

Google's Search Console can help you take control of your website and stay on top of any problems.

With this free tool, you can evaluate your site's performance daily and tweak many elements to maintain and improve your rankings.

When your search engine results improve, chances are your business will also do better.

Written by Vazoola

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