How Can Repurposing Content Improve Your Search Rankings?

Mon Aug 19 2019

How Can Repurposing Content Improve Your Search Rankings?

Say you’ve generated some solid content for your business site over the years. Now you’re revamping your SEO strategy and looking for ways to boost your search engine rankings.

Rather than sit down and brainstorm how to create new content, you can instead repurpose your existing content

Better Click-Through Rates 

The truth of the matter is that not only do consumers often stick to just the first couple of search engine page results, they also pay attention to when first-page results were published.

Having high-quality content is great but having quality content that’s always fresh is even better. 

To make your blog content worthy of an update, read through your posts and make sure the information is still accurate.

Depending on your business sector, information can change regularly, requiring constant updates.

You can also do what you can to tweak the headline of your blog post. Specifically, limit it to no more than 70 characters. 

Take Care of Grammar and Spelling Mistakes 

When you first published some of your earlier original content, you may not have done the best job with taking care of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Now’s the perfect time to remedy that. Great content is made even better when it’s free of simple grammar and spelling mistakes.

There are plenty of free spell check apps, and there are also apps that let you know whether your sentences are too wordy or above your target audience’s reading level. 

While search engines won’t demote a piece of content because it doesn’t have the best grammar, anyone who clicks on your result may scramble for the back arrow upon finding your published content is riddled with spelling mistakes.

This paints you and your business in a bad light, making it seem as if you don’t have much of an eye for detail. 

Add Media to Your Content

As you’re changing post headlines and updating information, see if you have any opportunities to include media like video content or SlideShare presentations.

Video marketing is another excellent way to boost your search engine rankings. Adding supplementary videos within your blog posts helps capture reader interest.

When done right, embedded videos can also reinforce whatever point you’re trying to make. With any video you include in your blog, double-check to ensure you’re allowed to share it.   

If you’re unable to find video or slides, you can include still images. In any case, it’s a good idea to have a visual in your posts every 350 words, to help break up text and encourage backlinks.

Whether you use images, video, or slides, be sure they’re of the highest quality.  

Don’t Republish the Same Piece of Content 

Once you create content, you next must decide where you’re going to post it. Would it work best on your personal or business site, or would it make for a great guest post on someone else’s blog?

Maybe it would make for a great inclusion on a professional social media platform. The reason it’s so essential that you think about where your content fits best is that you don’t want duplicate content.

Google defines duplicated content as “substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar.”

It may seem harmless, even helpful, to have your content published across as many platforms as possible, but search engine results say otherwise. 

Scrub Broken Links from Your Content 

Something else to keep an eye out for while scanning your old content is links that lead to nowhere, either because the site is no longer up and running or because the site is different.

Either way, you need to get rid of any broken links to boost your trustworthiness and your search engine ranking. 

The best way to make this easy on yourself is to use an online broken link checker. All you do is type in your domain URL and the security code, and the tool will crawl your site in search of broken links.

With any links that are broken, you’ll either need to find brand new ones from a reputable website or remove them entirely. It’s better to have no links at all rather than broken links. 

You’ve most certainly have to work smarter rather than harder when it comes to boosting your search engine rankings. Look to old content to deliver fresh search engine satisfaction.


Written by Vazoola

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