How Can Video Marketing Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

Sun Jun 16 2019

How Can Video Marketing Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

If you are looking for improved search engine rankings, increased conversion rates and brand awareness, look no further than video marketing.

In today’s digital age, video marketing is a foundational piece of any successful marketing strategy.

Video creates a powerful connection between the consumer and your product or service. The power of video marketing comes from its ability to engage your audience, and it is this engagement that produces results.

Most of us would consider ourselves visual learners, and that is one reason YouTube is so wildly popular.

We’d rather watch a demonstration than read about it. Watching something takes far less brain power and can save time as opposed to reading long blocks of text.

When presented with both text and a video on the same page, 72% of people prefer to watch the video than read text.  

Additionally, your clients are much more likely to share your content on social media when you have a video on your site instead of just words and images.

Improve Conversions with Embedded Videos

If your website visitors are getting lost in a sea of words, try breaking up your blog posts or text with explainer videos created with your target audience in mind.

Videos do more than provide information. They create an experience. Successful video production will result in visitor intrigue, which results in extended time on your site and eventually conversions.

Popular videos will be entertaining, educational, relevant and (if appropriate) humorous. Don’t forget to add a strong call-to-action to your video.

Even though video is all the rage, text still has a significant place in SEO. Your video titles, descriptions and transcripts can incorporate existing and new keywords to help with SEO.

Make sure you add a video transcript on the audio portion so that you can make good use of the additional text.

Video Views Boost Search Engine Ranking

Video viewing on your site is more than just visual entertainment for your customers. If done correctly, a popular video hosted on your website can boost your search engine ranking with links and shares.

The hope is that your well-made, ready-to-go-viral video is going to generate many shares that result in backlinks. These backlinks increase your authority and overall search engine ranking.

Videos and Search Engines Get Along

Google is a big fan of videos. It also owns YouTube. If your website page includes a video, it is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search result.

However, even though Google loves a good video, it won’t understand your video’s content without metadata and a sitemap.

The video sitemap is created with indexing in mind. You want your site indexed quickly and efficiently, so Google knows to send people to your site to watch your video.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

We can’t say it enough. A video that never loads is almost worse than no video at all. We live in an extremely impatient society, and you get about 3 seconds for the video to load before someone leaves your site.

Make sure your video is optimized, so the performance increases your visitor's experience and your overall SEO ranking.

Add Video to Your Email

Email campaigns are alive and well and still prove effective. Increase your clickthrough rate by embedding video in your emails.

Videos add an interesting element to what could otherwise be considered a boring email. This simple step can boost clickthrough by 96%.

If you add video tracking that records who watches the video and whether or not they replay it, you can see and use analytics to identify your key contacts. YouTube also provides detailed analytics.

It’s Easier Than You Think

If you’re afraid you’ll have to hire an entire production crew to create a video, think again. Online videos can be made relatively quickly and are generally affordable.

There are countless resources online that can help you with the process. Keep in mind, if this is for your business you won’t want to skimp on quality.

After all, the purpose of the video is to increase your brand awareness and your visitor’s impression of you and your services. A poorly made video with low quality may have the opposite effect.

Stop just thinking about video production and actually create a video today. You’ll find out how much your online traction improves once you start engaging with your visitors.

You won't believe how much bigger your customer base can get until you implement video production in your digital marketing plan.

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