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Sep 15, 2020

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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Casey Bjorkdahl is one of the pioneering thought leaders in the SEO community. In 2010, Casey co-founded Vazoola after working for a Digital Marketing Agency for five years in New York City. Vazoola is now one of the fastest growing and most widely recognized SEO marketing firms in the country.

9 Ways Automation Can Help Your Business Grow

Your business can grow even in today’s frenetic digital marketplace. As technology becomes more complex, many companies of all sizes are discovering how automation tools optimize processes and give customers a high level of service.

Marketing automation does present challenges and may not be right for all companies. However, the business world is discovering there are plenty of advantages.

Studies show that almost half of large companies have at least one automatic process. 

Automation can help your business, but first you need to know a bit more about the type of technology businesses today are using.

Intelligent Automation

Digital advances that help businesses tackle today’s marketplace have developed into a category called intelligent automation.

It is a union of two types of technology—artificial intelligence, or AI, and robotics process automation, or RPA.

These developments mean automated processes learn and get better based on past information. While setting up some types of automation is an investment, you are empowering your company to thrive, even in this challenging environment.

Here are nine specific ways automation can help your business grow.

1. Process Orders Faster

Marketing automation software helps companies keep up with large volumes of customer orders. Internet buying can mean hundreds of daily orders.

Robotic order processing programs scan orders and distribute them to the appropriate departments quickly. This, in turn, helps you ship orders out to customers faster.

2. Provide Better Customer Service

Today’s consumers expect service around the clock. Companies use chatbots to interact with consumers and provide basic levels of service.

Chatbot technology is not the best option for handling complicated questions or responding with emotions.

It is not a good option for some types of businesses, including funeral homes and lawyers. However, in many industries, this automated service can give customers the feeling that you are there for them.

3. Track and Target Customer Behavior

Businesses of all sizes are adopting automated systems to track consumer behavior. This helps them personalize marketing efforts based on customers’ interests.

For example, if you visit a pet store’s website and read articles about cats, they can keep track of this and send you notices about sales for cat toys and supplies.

4. Streamline Processes

Automated business systems can increase overall company efficiency by streamlining many processes.

Automation can handle valuable but repetitive tasks such as email campaigns. Today’s consumers not only appreciate but expect quick responses when they send your company a message.

Statistics show that contacting a consumer within one hour of their message to you makes turning that person into a customer seven times more probable.

5. Improve Productivity

Automated systems can quickly and easily process large quantities of data. They can perform many administrative tasks and free your employees for more complex duties and personal interactions with consumers. 

6. Reduce Costs

While setting up automation requires an initial outlay, you are acquiring a long-term asset for your business that can reduce operating costs.

Automation helps you increase output with a lower number of resources. You may even be able to reduce the number of employees you have, depending on your niche.

7. Lowers Chances for Errors

Once programmed correctly, automated systems help you operate more efficiently with fewer mistakes.

This enables you to make the most of your resources and raise customer confidence. When consumers feel more certain about you, they are more likely to buy as well as return to you in the future.

8. Improve Marketing Efforts

Marketing automation not only helps you operate more efficiently in the present, but these tools can help you develop more effective future marketing campaigns.

Tools such as Google Analytics allow you to analyze large amounts of valuable data about customer habits, preferences, demographics, and tastes.

9. Simplify the Buying Process

Automation makes it easier for consumers to make purchases on your website, which is your ultimate goal.

Streamlined shopping cart interfaces can increase your number of buyers. In addition, automated tools can track information such as payment methods, products bought, and lifetime customer value.

Growing Through Automation

Automation tools for businesses are regularly advancing in complexity. There are now many options available for companies who want to take their services and operations to the next level.

There are automated options for just about every operational aspect, and these tools can help you gather information, improve customer relations, and increase sales. Automation can help your business operate smoothly so you can breathe easier.


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