The Best B2B Content Marketing Examples to Inspire You

Wed Jul 03 2019

The Best B2B Content Marketing Examples to Inspire You

When people think about content marketing strategy, they tend to imagine big businesses peddling products to individual buyers.

What many don't realize is that plenty of companies sell products and services to other companies, and they, too, require content marketing skills.

If you find yourself in need of new ideas to build your brand and keep it enticing enough to gain the attention of other businesses, check out these tips, tricks, and examples for some inspiration.

Create a Guide

Creating a guide is an excellent way to show your authority about a topic or industry while drawing the attention of businesses with whom you may want to work.

Use it to answer questions, provide insights, or even teach another business owner how to do something.

Creating a gated guide is the best idea. Gated content means the consumer must complete an action, such as signing up for your newsletter, before he or she can get to the content he wants.

This helps to generate leads and drive traffic to your website or social media profiles.

One example of a successful guide was one created by LinkedIn and Buzzsumo. The title was compelling, the guide included original research with industry data, and it included a comprehensive and detailed list of important points.

The evidence-based information showed authority and provided a service to startup business owners.

Build a Newsletter

Newsletters are the perfect way to provide ongoing information to current and potential customers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Avoid sending them more often than that because many business people perceive receiving too many emails to be disruptive.

Include company events, latest news, launches of new products or services, discounts, or other information of value in your newsletter.

CB Insights is an example of a company that does newsletters well. For one thing, they keep it entertaining.

Many people love the company's humorous take on newsletters that starts with the subject lines.  

They also appreciate that the newsletter itself is readable and doesn't require clicking on various links to get to the rest of the information.

This saves the reader time and keeps them more interested in the information you're providing.

Use Visual Content

Too many new business owners who plan to work with other companies make the mistake of being too formal.

Remember, just like you are an individual who likes to be entertained, so are the people behind the businesses with whom you want to work.

For this reason, your content marketing strategy absolutely must include visuals. The number and type of visual aids, however, does depend on the type of businesses you want to connect with.

If you own a firm that intends to work in a more serious field, such as healthcare or law, stick to well-planned logos and professional imagery that show you as an authority in your industry.

If you want to work with more casual companies, such as clothing retailers or local restaurants, you can get a little more fun.

Consider incorporating GIFs, memes, or other casually entertaining visual content into your newsletters or other marketing products.

Regardless of whether you are professional, casual, or somewhere between the two, you can use videos.

Just remember to provide information and value in addition to being entertaining. Infographics are another excellent way to provide information in visual form, especially if it is something that would be dull to read in text format, such as lots of statistics.

Conduct Surveys

Even busy company managers enjoy interactive content. Consider creating visually pleasing surveys when you need to gather information from current and potential clients.

If you have a casual question, Facebook allows you to create polls on your business page.

You might also ask for input via a graphic on Instagram or a Twitter poll that will enable people to comment or retweet with their own opinions on a subject.

For more in-depth surveys, you can use newsletters or create polls and detailed surveys using Google tools. Just remember to use visuals where needed to prevent large walls of text.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember in your B2B marketing ventures is that a business is not an inanimate object.

From the CEO to the people who clean the offices at night, a company is full of people who have their own personalities, their own tastes, and their own points of view.

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