8 Cutting-Edge Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

Fri Jul 26 2019

8 Cutting-Edge Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

No matter how good your product or service is, you cannot expect consumers to flock to it automatically.

Potential customers see advertisements regularly throughout the day, on web sites and social media platforms.

In addition to this steady barrage, they also have their personal lives and all the beautiful messiness that living brings.

People are distracted. Therefore, to catch and hold their attention, you need innovative marketing strategies.

Here are eight ideas on ways to create high levels of brand awareness within your target audience.

1. Advertise on Social Networks

Build your market share and increase brand awareness through targeted advertisements on specific social media platforms.

Consumers use social networks to discover new brands. By using market research to know which networks specific types of groups most frequently visit, you can create a focused marketing campaign to let these potential customers know about your brand.

2. Get Personal with Your Message

Do not treat potential customers merely as part of a crowd. In a report by Salesforce called “State of the Connected Consumer,” 52 percent of consumers said they want personalized communications from a brand to consider buying from it.

Just as you want to raise your brand recognition, consumers want to feel they are appreciated as well.

Based on demographic research, you can give your strategies a more personal feel by using carefully vetted email lists to target specific groups.

3. Give Rewards for Referrals

People appreciate bonuses. Offer customers rewards for referring others to your product or service.

This helps you increase brand awareness as you build customer appreciation and loyalty.

4. Create Gorgeous Guest Posts

Try guest posting. Work with influencers, or people who have popular blogs and video feeds with loyal followings and offer attention-grabbing posts for them to promote.  

Choose influencers in your industry and create visually appealing content with quality copy that offers consumers something beyond mere selling.

Blog posts are a great way of building brand awareness. When trusted influencers share your post and talk about how they value and use what you are selling, they open the door to a new audience for your message.

5. Look for Customer Complaints

Hunt for where your customers go online to complain and find solutions to problems they are having.

While you should have some of this information from marketing research, do more. Try to think of phrases and words your customers may use online.

Seek out blogs, forums, and other social media networks to find where they are posting.

When you find them, do not focus merely on selling your product or service. Instead, offer additional value by helping them.

Offer suggestions and solutions actively. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and eventually build brand equity.

6. Participate in Niche Groups

Now that you know where your customers congregate online, brainstorm about interests and hobbies they may have.

Specific Facebook Groups can be treasure troves. Here you can softly sell your brand while offering customers extra value by answering questions.

Position yourself as a source of reliable information. You can even start your own group that may attract potential customers.

7. Build Trust by Offering Genuine Experience

Customers recognize and respond to honesty. Trust builds your brand share, but it must be earned.

Give customers meaningful experiences they value by putting them or an influencer they trust in the spotlight. Forget about hard selling your goods.

Instead, focus on those who utilize your product. This will, in turn, put the spotlight on your brand and help you build significant relationships with current and potential customers.

8. Give Back

Customers want good value for their money, but people today also pay attention to which brands are giving back.

This includes sales, promotions, and rewards, of course, but it also encompasses what you give to society and the planet. 

Go beyond a mere focus on making money and building up your brand. Show interest in people, animals, and nature through donations of time and money.

A good way to do this is to donate with every sale and participate in programs. Even small businesses understand that giving back is an excellent investment because it earns appreciation and trust from sometimes cynical consumers.

In today’s crowded informational field, it is easy for your brand to get lost in the crowd. Specific, carefully planned strategies get your brand noticed right now.

But they also accomplish the equally important task of building a relationship with consumers based on trust to help grow your brand in the long-term.  

Written by Vazoola

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