Which Content Marketing Formats Attract More Social Media Followers?

Mon Nov 25 2019

Which Content Marketing Formats Attract More Social Media Followers?

Content marketing strategies drive business today. Content marketing employs useful and interesting information to entice prospective customers to get involved with a brand and form personal connections to its products or services.

A large part of this involvement is through social networks. Today’s sophisticated consumers no longer want to be bombarded with straight advertising telling them to buy something.

They want to see people they like and respect using services and products and reporting back to them. Consumers expect companies to court them rather than lecturing them about the purchases they make. 

Successful content marketing involves overcoming cynicism and distrust with well-planned campaigns.

These promotions should include creating visibility on various social media networks. Posts need to explain your product or service, show people using it, and express esteem and appreciation for potential customers.

If this sounds like a tall order, take heart. There are proven ways to tell people about your products and services and garner social media followers.

The Importance of Variety

First, though, it is essential to understand people have different learning styles. When you are devising your online marketing campaign to reach the largest number of people within your target audience and possibly beyond it, use various forms of content.

Some people prefer to watch videos, others like to read articles, and still, others prefer relevant links that let them search for information themselves.

All these methods of sharing information about your brand are valid, but each appeal to different groups of consumers.

There is one aspect of online marketing that resonates through all strategies available to you.

According to Social Media Week, 91 percent of consumers are so impressed by the authenticity that they are prepared to make purchases from brands they perceive as honest.

That said, here are popular formats through which you can engage your audience and earn large numbers of social media followers.


In today’s digital world, social media posts are an integral element of any campaign to reach consumers.

According to Facebook, about 1.59 billion people generally visit this social media giant every day.

It is a great way to reach your target audience. In addition to original posts, fresh and engaging content may benefit you through shares and user-generated content, including reviews, comments, and demonstrations.

Sometimes readers will even tag a friend while discussing your brand, which earns you even more publicity.

However, today’s social media marketers are using much more than words to proclaim their messages.

Facebook Live is an effective way to fascinate readers. This service allows live video streams that make highly compelling content.

Creating and maintaining a Facebook page and using new services on this platform is good business these days.

Stay active and respond to comments and questions. People want to know they are valued.


Consumers enjoy seeing live videos, but they also appreciate images. Photos and videos grab and hold people’s attention.

This is vital in the noisy world of the internet. Instagram, a platform for sharing images, is wildly popular.

Instagram reports more than 1 billion people log in monthly, and more than 500 million people are active daily.

This is a strong platform for creating brand awareness and building a persona while fostering a relationship with the buying public.


This quick-comment venue can be a valuable part of your content marketing campaign. Interesting tweets that engage potential customers can include relevant links to your web pages, blogs, Facebook or Instagram posts, and to contests or discounts.

For this strategy to bring you the best results, you must do some research and planning before you begin tweeting.

  • Determine when your targeted group is on Twitter.
  • Read competitors’ tweets.
  • Share a variety of content, including videos, photographs, and slides, as well as text and links.

When included as part of an organized plan, Twitter can boost content marketing strategies to the next level.


While not technically considered social media formats themselves, blogs are a great way to garner followers on various social networks and grab the attention of significant numbers of potential buyers.

This type of content helps you in several essential ways.

  • Explain—Describe what your product or service is and how to use it.
  • Promote—Blogs are excellent vehicles for drawing readers in and keeping them engaged. Posts can feature interviews you do with experts in your niche, describe contests or discounts for your brand, and present question-and-answer formats.
  • Engage—Your blog is a great way to attract readers to your web site. When you include strong keywords connected to other pages on your site, you may keep your audience interested for longer.
  • Connect—Form connections with other web site owners to share links. This strategy can improve your search engine rankings and widen your audience reach.
  • Build—Enhance your reputation by setting yourself up as an expert within your niche. Offer unique information readers will not find elsewhere.

Content Marketing Institute explains how readers want to be entertained with relevant information.

The last three words are the most important. Keep your content pertinent and applicable to hold readers’ attention and promote a positive relationship between them and your product.

Reaching Your Audience

Reaching today’s savvy consumers is challenging, but publishing compelling content using effective platforms gets your message across.

Social media networks and blogs can reach large numbers of people within your target audience and beyond. This sets you up for long-term and short-term success.

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