7 Tips for Content Creation for Boring Niches

Sun Jun 21 2020

7 Tips for Content Creation for Boring Niches

The internet has opened the world of advertising and promotion to “underdog” niches that may seem humdrum at first glance.

Think vacuum cleaners and engineering. However, any specialized area can generate excitement with clever marketing campaigns and excellent blogs, websites, and digital material.

If you think your niche is one that cannot generate consumer interest, think again. Here are seven tips for content creation for boring niches.

1. Forget Formality

As a professional digital content creator, you are trained to be formal. Unfortunately, resulting material may often seem stale and inaccessible, causing readers to pass it by instantly.

A good way to ditch formality and embrace fun is to consider why readers use your products in the first place and passions they may have related to your product.

This approach is about context rather than content. Customers who feel connected to your brand are more likely to buy and develop a sense of loyalty to you.

2. Use Videos

Many internet users looking for product and brand information prefer videos to written material.

  • Tell stories.
  • Create an engaging title using searchable keywords.
  • Focus on emotion and your overall mission rather than strictly pushing products.
  • Include music for atmosphere, depth, and viewer interest.
  • Teach viewers something through offering tips, advice, or answering questions.

Do not ditch blogs and stop maintaining your website, though, because other potential buyers prefer reading information. Make sure all your formats feature quality content.

3. Use Blog Posts to Engage Audiences

Writing epic blog content takes compositional skill, but it also takes knowledge, planning, and effort.

As a leading expert in your niche, you are in the best position to relay the benefits of your products and services.

A report shows marketers focusing on blogging are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI. Effective blogs boost your business no matter what it is.

4. Entertain Audiences

Whatever your niche is, you will not be boring when your priority is entertaining readers and viewers.

This does not mean publishing videos of silly tricks or writing blogs filled with hackneyed one-liners.

It does include attracting audiences to your content by using innovative and unusual approaches. This popular video by mattress firm Purple is an example.

Of course, entertainment is not your sole focus. When you are creating content, find a novel and exciting hook but always come back around to your product.

Answer questions, provide information, and explain how your offerings benefits viewers.

5. Simplify

Sometimes niches seem dull because their material is complex. Break down subjects during content development to make them understandable and straightforward.

You want people to be able to relate to your product or service. Nobody will want to read or watch your content otherwise.

Here are some ways to make complicated subjects approachable and clear:

  • Use diagrams and infographics.
  • Use active voice rather than passive voice.
  • Avoid industry jargon, uncommon terms, and excessive acronyms.
  • Refer to legitimate professionals and familiar resources.
  • Include visuals connected to your subject that make heavy topics less scary.

The key to success is meeting your audience where they are. You have specific things to say, but your content should present relevant information in a way that viewers and readers can quickly grasp.

6. Get Active

An effective way to make yourself stand out so that people notice you is to get them actively engaged in your niche.

Reader Sheds and Fiskars, one making garden sheds and the other scissors respectively, both came up with ways to engage and attract people.

Consider sponsoring a contest as Reader Sheds did or create a blog that welcomes public involvement and conversation, as did Fiskars.

When people have ways to get involved with your content in their daily lives, they are more likely to feel a connection with your brand.

7. Create Some Controversy

While you do not want to incite riots, taking a stance on an issue and stating your position respectfully is an excellent way to fuel conversations and interest.

Focus on topics related to your niche that prompts an emotional response in readers, whether they agree or disagree with you.

Such issues include animal rights, vaccines, and marijuana legalization. There are contentious subjects in just about every area of modern life. For example, if your niche is garden tools, you could take a stance on climate change.

The Skinny on Generating Interest

No matter how good your product or how helpful your service, your company cannot prosper if people are not interested in your promotions.

You want the public to notice you, pay attention, and start talking. Innovative content creation is the key to driving business success far into the future.

Written by Vazoola

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