8 Ways to Build Credibility with Content Marketing

Mon Jun 15 2020

8 Ways to Build Credibility with Content Marketing

All companies must focus anew on building and maintaining a positive impression on consumers. One of the most effective strategies for doing this is content marketing.

Public perception is vital to business success. For long-term company viability, you must build trust with your audience by delivering quality goods as well as presenting a cohesive and attractive public persona.

As marketing priorities and techniques shift in today’s digital age, companies of all sizes must focus anew on building and maintaining a positive impression on consumers. One of the most effective strategies for doing this is content marketing.

Understanding the New Internet Strategies

We have all have heard the phrase “content marketing,” but before you can successfully use it to boost your bottom line, you need to understand what it is.

Content marketing is a focused strategy for promoting your products and services and building a reputation for credibility in your niche using information-rich content.

Often companies use social media platforms to increase consumers’ trust, but quality blogs are also valuable, as are well-designed email campaigns.

Here are eight ways to create a reputation for authority and reliability using content marketing.

1. Work with Influencers

One way to build credibility in business is to team up with an influencer who can speak on your behalf to an already-loyal audience that respects her or his opinion.

Influencers not only spread the word about your brand to large numbers of people who might not otherwise see your promotions, but they also help you develop expertise in the eyes of consumers.

Another benefit of working with legitimate influencers who fit with your brand’s message and image is they are already talking to people interested in your niche.

2. Publish Quality, Mistake-Free Content

For content marketing to succeed and help you build trust with the public, you have to offer them something of value.

Publish content that provides unique insights and facts readers will not find elsewhere. Once you develop the actual body of your content, review it carefully for mistakes. Look for problems in:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Capitalization

While this may seem insignificant, editing errors and oversights can cost you respect in the eyes of potential buyers.

3. Use the Types of Content Your Audience Reads

No matter how well-written or informative content is, you nor your readers will benefit if you publish it on the wrong channels.

Some people are willing to read long blog posts while others like quick video lists. Many consumers like contests, but other buyers want to see question-and-answer events. You must know your audience and where they spend time online.

4. Write Guest Posts for Trustworthy Websites

An effective way to build brand credibility is to associate yourself with the website of an already-established brand or source by writing a guest blog.

This website should be related to your niche for this strategy to have real value. To find an authoritative site, look for these qualities:

  • A large, engaged following
  • Positive and legitimate domain authority
  • High search engine rank
  • Quality content published regularly

This approach is straightforward and costs no money, but it can yield excellent results.

5. Build Content from Consumer Involvement

Build authority with consumers by taking their comments and questions seriously. When people feel their concerns and thoughts matter to you, they often trust you more.

Write periodic blog posts in a question-and-answer format and address public queries about your brand and products. Or create a podcast in which you provide information relevant to customer feedback.

6. Inspire Employees

Employees can be excellent brand ambassadors. They know your products and the best ways to use them.

Onboard them into your marketing strategies and encourage them to reach out to consumers. Positive dialogues between your employees and the public build trust and credibility.

7. Tell Product Tales

People love a good story. Tell the public about customers you have helped with your products, or let those customers tell their own stories.

If this is not an option, weave a narrative around how your product will benefit readers’ lives.

8. Include Statistics and Studies

For instant credibility, include legitimate studies and responsible statistics in your content. Linking to these elements connects you in readers’ minds to those credible sources. Use these elements to add authority to the points you are making.

Building a Foundation for Authority

Succeeding in business has many challenges, but one of the most basic is building a good reputation with customers.

You want to seem authoritative yet accessible. Today’s digital platforms and marketing strategies offer many opportunities to bridge the gap between the boardroom and the storefront.

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