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What is a guest post?

A guest post (or guest blog) is a piece of content that is created and published on another website or blog. Guest posts are very common and are used for a number of reasons. Guest blogging is a great way to earn backlinks to your own website that can help improve rankings and get you more organic traffic and referral traffic.

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Using a Guest Posting Service

Creating guest blog posts allows new exposure to your content and website. It can help new, would-be buyers find your service and product. Our team provides the guest posting service you need to make this possible. 

By using our guest posting services to position your guest post on these sites, you gain the attention of new groups of readers. Those readers can click on the link to your website or blog from the post to become your follower. It's a very simple and effective way of spreading your brand's messages and ideas while also working to improve rankings.


How Our Guest Posting Service Works

We make sure the guest post service we offer is easy to use. It’s also transparent so you know what’s happening every step of the way. Here’s how it works:

1. Place Your Order

 Provide us with details like anchor text, URL, content instructions, and metrics for potential guest post sites. 

2. Content Publication

Quality blog content is written according to your guidelines (if provided) and sent to publishers for placement.

3. Dashboard Update

Placements are manually reviewed and then your dashboard is updated in real time with live posts.

4. See Results

Watch your website traffic and rankings soar! Consistently add new guest posts to stay ahead of the competition!


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Guest Post Services - Blogger Outreach Done Well

Using a guest blogger outreach program like our own is a simple, effective, and highly efficient way of getting traffic to your site. When you work with us, you don’t have to do the outreach yourself. That saves you time.

With a database of over 100,000 sites accepting guest posting opportunities, you know you can trust our guest posting services and guest posting packages to help you find the right websites to place your blogs. It’s a fast and easy way to get the attention you need for your blog.


Guest Post Services - Blogger Outreach Done Well

One of the benefits of choosing our  guest blog posting services is that you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. That not only includes finding guest blog opportunities but also with the guest blog post itself.

You certainly can write your own content if you would like to do so. Or, you can use our guest post services  and we can have our guest blog writers create unique content based on your specific needs, goals, and preferences. That saves you even more time!

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How do you get a Guest Post on Blog Sites?

That’s the challenging part. Our blog posting services does all of the work for you. That way, you can focus on writing the top-quality content that you want to place on the site, and managing your business.

With a guest post service like this, you get the benefits of guest blog posting without all of the challenges of finding and building relationships with blogs.

Find Willing Blogs With Our Guest Posting Services 

Blogs that accept guest posts are out there – and they are growing in number. Yet, it is important to consider both the ability to buy guest blog posts and your desire to get onto the right sites.

That is, you need more than just a place to house your content. You need the right type of audience that’s going to properly interact with your blog and your business.

We have the ability to secure placement on thousands of sites. These are real sites with real traffic – those that are most likely to produce the results you want. When you utilize our guest post service, you alleviate a lot of your frustration in finding blogs that accept guest posts.




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Is Our Guest Blog Posting Service Right for You? 

There are some clear benefits to guest post services:

  • Getting the attention of new would-be readers, customers, or clients
  • Building SEO benefits to your website
  • For SEO resellers, we save you time and money – same with agencies
  • Customized solutions are available for big and small businesses
  • Enhance your bottom line with affordable blog posting services

Not every guest post service is created equally. When you use our guest posting agency, you see the benefits. Having authoritative links on other blogs pointing to your website is good for search engine rankings.

When a website has a lot of links placed on many sites – good quality sites – pointing to it, that indicates the information is valuable and the site is worth directly readers to. Search engines will rank your website higher as a result. Contact us today to buy guest posts or for more info on our guest posting services!


See what our clients are saying...

“We have been working with Vazoola for over a year now and have seen our organic traffic increase exponentially since hiring them. Their “Bounty Express” has been delivering great backlinks at prices within are budget. I would highly recommend testing them out.”

“Every digital marketer knows how important link building is to increasing organic rankings, but finding the time to do it successfully is another story. That’s why it can be helpful to use a link building company that has the experience and resources to execute your strategy. I’ve been utilizing Vazoola for several years to help strategically build links from high level domains, and it’s been very effective. They are not your typical link builder.”

“For the last few months we've been using Vazoola for link building to increase our ranking on some of the more difficult keywords we target. In just a short period of time we've seen some of our rankings improve 30+ spots. The links are solid and are posted on quality websites. We've been very impressed.”

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Guest Blogging

Frequently Asked Questions

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Guest Posting Basics

What is a guest post?

A guest post (or guest blog) is a piece of content that is created and published on another website or blog. Guest posts are very common and are used for a number of reasons. Guest blogging is a great way to earn backlinks to your own website that can help improve rankings and get you more organic traffic and referral traffic.

Relevant traffic and improved rankings are not the only reasons to publish to someone else's blog. This also serves as an opportunity to get your thoughts and ideas in front of a bigger audience. You may want to do this to establish your business as a thought leader or raise awareness around topics that matter to your niche.

Why do we need a guest posting service?

Guest posting services are designed to help you get more traffic and increase the online visibility of your website. Guest blogging is one of the SEO services we offer to achieve this goal. If you are not regularly acquiring new and quality links through guest posting, or other high quality strategy then you are likely missing out on improved traffic and rankings.

Using guest posting services is one of the ways to stay competitive in search. It is very likely that your competitors are utilizing guest posting services or another guest blogging strategy as a way to climb the search rankings.

A quality guest post service will streamline the process of finding and securing guest post opportunities for the best ROI. It can be very tedious and time consuming to find sites accepting guest posts and then reach out to blog owners and negotiate the details of a guest post that will include a link back to your website.

On top of that, there are specific guest post guidelines to follow to make sure that you are getting quality guest post placements. When trying to find guest post opportunities, its important to prioritize sites that have more traffic rather than less, create fresh content on a regular basis, an qualify as high authority sites. Our guest posting services will help with all of that.

Is guest blogger outreach a safe strategy?

Yes, in our guest post service we vet the sites for your blog post so you can count on receiving a good quality site.

How does guest posting improve SEO?

The more links pointing into your website on other websites, the better you’ll rank in the search engines.

I already have good rankings. Should I still invest in guest posting?

Yes! The search engine results are a competitive place, especially in certain niches. Investing in quality guest post placements is a great strategy for maintaining your current rankings.

Also, there is a good chance that you are not ranking in the number 1 position for all keywords related to your business and niche, therefore there will always be room for improvement and the need for guests posts. Each guest post link pointing back to your website will act as a vote of confidence for your page in Googles algorithm, and will help you rank better.

We offer the best guest posting services that can help you to do a number of things:

Follow guest posting guidelines - We have guest posts down to a science and can guide you through the entire process. This includes using the best practices for guest posts so you can get the best results with no setbacks.

Submit guest posts on the best quality sites - We'll take the budge you allocate and focus on securing guest blogs on high quality sites with good metrics such as Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and traffic.

Create an amazing article - creating content for each guest posts is an important part of the process. Our team of writers can pitch ideas and handle all of the content creation, to produce high quality content that any site owner would be happy to place.

Review each guest post placement - quality assurance is a big part of what we do, so you can be sure that each guest post submission comes back to your website with the proper accuracy and quality. We manually review each guest post and nothing gets passed us!

Blogger Outreach - Finding sites that will accept a guest post placement and getting in touch with those blogs is a critical and time consuming part of the process. Our blogger outreach service takes all of that legwork off your plate.

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Our Guest Posting Services

Can I review the content before it gest posted?

Of course! Our guest post service allows a full review of the content. You can even make edits before approving a piece. 

How do you determine a quality guest post?

Our standards for a quality guest post are very high and should be seen as equally important to the content placed on your own blog. Other guest posts from companies who don't follow guest posting guidelines and best practices around quality may not be as beneficial to your site. This is why its so important for guest blogging efforts to be intentional and high quality.

We start with approaching other bloggers who are relevant to your website. Blogs that are relevant to your niche are the best place to publish your guest post, as well as the most likely to accept your offer.

High quality guest posts also feature content that is well written and useful to both the readers and the website it's being posted to. We have a team of well trained writers who handle the content creation for all of your guest posting if you don't have content of your own. We'll produce well researched, general, and informative articles, following any direction or guidelines you may provide. We typically do not include a guest author section or author bio, but this can be added in special circumstances.

Good guest posts should also be from sites that are authoritative. We track data points from several SEO metric providers for all of the sites we work with to ensure that you're getting the best possible guest post for your budget.

Our process is also completely natural and the posts do not present as spam or promotions. On top of that, both parties involved in the guest post have the opportunity to review the details and opt into the process. This makes it a two way street, and beneficial to the party creating the guest post as well as the site publishing the guest post.

Why would we use your link guest posting services?

Working with a guest posting agency is important if you want to incorporate guest posting into your content marketing strategy or white label guest posts for clients. Partnering with a proven guest blogging provider is an important step in your SEO journey.

We are able to greatly improve the ROI of guest posting for our clients, and work to improve the quality and volume of work achieved. We help guest bloggers content get featured on high quality websites at the best possible rates. Some of the key features of our service include:

Well established relationships - we already have established relationships with over 100,000 blogs and publications across all verticals and niches. This allows us to serve clients with diverse budgets, needs, and goals.

Content creation at any scale - we have a large team of well trained writers who can handle content creation for any number of guest posts, whether they be for your own website or your clients site's.

Fast Turnaround Times - We have our process down to a science and can deliver high quality guest posts at lightning fast speeds. We're sure to meet your deadlines for any project.

Money Back Guarantee - we guarantee that your guest posts will be accurate and maintain their links for one year. This gives you piece of mind before committing.

Relevant Data - our database of websites and publications contains several data points on each site we work with with metrics ranging from domain authority to how much traffic a site is getting, and social media statistics. We're able to take this data and provide a detailed report so you can always be up to date on work being done.

Do the guest blog posts include do follow links?

Yes! We ensure the backlink pointing back to your site is do follow, unless you specify otherwise. Its not uncommon for clients to want to use a mix of do follow and no follow links with a variety of anchor text variations as a strategy for organic looking guest posts.

Do you handle content?

90% of the time clients are opting to use our content writers to produce well written and informative content for their posts. We include the anchor text that you specify and resource links to other posts or relevant pieces of authoritative content.

Our content creation service reduces the friction in the guest blogging process and is much more cost effective than using your own writer or a content company. However, you always have the option to bring your content to our platform for us to use when securing guest posts for you.

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Guest Post Pricing 

Is there a contract required to use your guest post service?

We don't require contracts or minimum spends, however there is a small monthly fee required. We have a number of plans and pricing that vary based on your needs. Within each plan you have the freedom to set your own budgets and monthly spends. We believe in performance based relationships, so you can try our service without risk.

How much do your Guest Posting Services cost?

The monthly fee to use our services is $99 which allows you hands on access to our Bounty Express platform. Alternatively, the $149 monthly fee will include an account manager who will manage and execute Bounty Express campaigns on your behalf, significantly reducing your workload. In either case, you still have full control over the price points of your high quality backlinks.

Pricing of guest posts and links varies depending on a number if factors. Our unique “price control” feature allows you to build a custom pricing structure that will allow you to be successful at any budget. We allow you to specify the quality and details of your guest posting campaign AND choose the price that works for your business. You don’t have to compromise when you work with Vazoola.

It’s well known when building links that a custom guest posting strategy that employs link building tactics specific to your goals is key. That’s why we offer high quality links at the most competitive prices. Other link building companies often lock you into rigid packages that limit your control. This is the last thing you want when it comes to securing inbound links for your search rankings.

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Our Results

What results do you guarantee?

Guest blogging is an SEO strategy used, among many others, to improve search engine rankings. These strategies are not a perfect science and specific results are not guaranteed. However, our business is build on the fact that building good quality backlinks to websites help them rank well in the search engines.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective methods in SEO and in general, the more high quality backlinks pointing to your site the better performance will be.

Our in house SEO person works on our guest posting..

Great! we'd love to get in touch with them. Our guest posting services are designed to make life a lot easier for your in house SEO. We handle the most difficult aspects of guest posting from locating the right sites to outreach and negotiations. Your SEO can let us know the requirements they have when searching for guest post opportunities such as domain authority or specific traffic metrics, and we can take it from there.

Have you ever had any clients get penalized?

No, we have never had any clients get penalized as a result of the guest posts we have secured for them. We focus on securing the best guest posts and quality links on relevant websites using natural guest posting practices.

On top of that, we take a data driven approach collecting SEO metrics such as Domain Authority, Domain Rating, Traffic, and other relevant metrics so we can narrow in on the specific sites that meet your quality standards.

Let's Get Started..

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