10 Innovative Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Wed Aug 07 2019

10 Innovative Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Even if you have the best-designed website on the internet, you can't make much of it if people aren't navigating to it.

From SEO tactics to trends in meme culture, the things popular on the internet today may not bring visitors tomorrow.

If you want to increase your website traffic, check out these ten innovative ways to do so.

1. Start Getting Social

Sure, using social networking doesn't seem very innovative, but it can be when you consider how you use it now.

If you use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram only to advertise your products, you aren't doing it right.

Advertising is the main idea, but you also need to interact. Post memes and videos ask questions and even considering following back some of your followers.

 Showing there is a human behind the brand is more likely to bring in and keep customers.

2. Answer Important Questions

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site is to answer questions on Quora. The popular question-and-answer platform allows users to provide answers to questions and link to other resources.

If your response is detailed and relevant, this is an excellent way to create keyword-rich links back to your website.

3. Create a Mixture of Content

You've heard the saying that no two people are alike, and that holds true when it comes to how they prefer their internet content.

Some readers prefer short paragraphs and plenty of headers, but others like to read long sections and pieces of information.

You can appeal to both by varying the length of your content. In addition to short and long text posts, don't forget to include video and plenty of infographics.

4. Start Writing on Medium

Medium is another great way to create relevant and valuable links back to your website. The platform allows you to write all types of content.

It is an authority domain that looks good to Google when linked to your site. Create links to your main website or specific posts.

5. Write Strong Headlines

When you create content, chances are you're focusing on the information in the paragraphs or even the images.

While this is essential information, it's also necessary to remember that people judge a book by its cover.

They're also judging your content by its headline. Even if you have an excellent blog, people aren't going to read it if you don't have a compelling headline.

You should brainstorm ideas for headlines just like you do the main content.

6. Focus on Mobile Readers

Fewer people than ever are using traditional computers. If you want to bring in more traffic, you need to cater to the mobile internet user.

Google has a Page Insight Tool that allows you to see how your website looks on mobile devices, work to conform it to guidelines, and create AMP-specification ready content.

7. Add More Long-Tail Keywords

Popular keyword and high-intent keywords are necessities, but they aren't the only ones you should be using.

Long-tail keywords are also essential for driving traffic to your website. Remember, more users search long-tail keywords than any other type.

So, if you aren't using them in your SEO or paid advertising, you are very likely losing readers and potential customers.

8. Advertise on Instagram

You probably have heard lots of talk about how to advertise on Facebook, but Instagram is increasingly popular not only among users but among advertisers as well.

In recent years, the social media platform has created a stronger revenue strategy and started to place ads on the network.

It allows you to approach people via specific areas, hashtags, and a variety of other ways.

9. Repurpose Content

Instead of constantly trying to come up with new ideas for content, repurpose your existing content. For example, you can create a video, a SlideShare presentation, or an audio podcast. Bring in new leads and reach a wider audience by appealing to viewers who prefer different content formats.

10. Get with Guest Blogging

Whether you're posting on someone else's website or someone is posting on yours, guest blogging is a great way to reach out to a new set of readers who are likely interested in your product or service.

Seek out blogging opportunities on reputable, high-ranking websites and link back to your site. Or if you prefer, have someone write a blog and provide high-quality links on your website as well.

Increasing web traffic does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. However, by keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you are much more likely to create better content, gain new visitors, and maintain a strong client base.


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