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  Wallingford, CT

Andrew's Story

Andrew was born in Manhassett, NY and shortly after, his family moved to Wallingford, CT, where he lives to this day. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Marist College in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. He was also captain of the football team at Marist, and earned all-American honors as a linebacker.

Following college, Andrew found his way to New York City and built a successful career in sales across multiple industries. However, the entrepreneur in him was waiting to break out. In 2010, Andrew received that opportunity when he linked up with his long-time friend and future business partner, Casey Bjorkdahl. Casey’s vision of creating one of the top link building agencies in the world is a vision that Andrew would soon share, and eventually turn into a reality.

As Vice President and a Partner at Vazoola, Andrew has his hands in all aspects of the business from sales to marketing to employee development and much more. He has passion for all aspects of building and growing a business, and has devoted himself to becoming an expert on off-page SEO.

Outside of work, Andrew spends most of his time with his wife and young daughter. They are adventurers at heart, always looking for new experiences and new places to visit. Andrew loves all sports and really anything that has a competitive nature to it. And, he has a deep passion for health, continuously educating himself on all aspects including nutrition, fitness, and biology.





Team Member Q&A!


If you could choose, what would be your theme song?

Tough question! I think it would depend on the situation, but if I had to choose just one, my theme song right now would be “Outlaw State of Mind” by Chris Stapleton.

What’s something that most people would be surprised to learn about you?

Something people would be surprised to know about me is I’ve never been to a big-time college football game. That may not seem like a big deal, but anyone that knows me, knows I’m a huge football fan and will watch anything – high school, college, NFL, even peewee! I also played in college, but at a small school and always wished I could see a game at a big university

What’s your favorite athlete/sports team/superhero/video game? 

My favorite superhero is definitely Superman…he can fly, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, and is pretty much invincible.

What’s your favorite season/holiday? 

My favorite season would have to be Summer. Being a New Englander, I’ve learned to appreciate all of the seasons, but I can’t get enough of the warm weather, sunny days, beach, and all the special events that happen at that time of year.

What do you like best about your job/company? 

It’ll sounds cheesy, but the thing I like best about our company is the team we’ve assembled. We have a great group of people who work hard, know how to laugh, and have fun while they’re doing their jobs.